Thresh hook rework idea

So, I have a bit of games on {{champion:412}} , and think in general he is a great support with a lot of utility and a great setup. Before we go on It is worth noting that this is not because I think that he is imbalanced in any way or unplayable; I simply would like to see a modernization of his hook to give you a better chance when you are not making the camping in a bush. Now, going forward, keep in mind that I do not have any statistics about {{champion:412}} hook hit rate vs the other hook champs; I am simply using my own experience as a point of reference. The best comparison to {{champion:412}} hook would be the hook used by {{champion:555}} . both about the same range, about the same width, but with {{champion:555}} "feeling" as if he has the faster hook. Both charge their hooks to throw them. From my own experience I feel that you are less predictable and have better potential to hook if you are able to use {{champion:555}} hook because of his ability to move and charge the hook. Of course his stealth does also play a factor, but as a whole the unpredictability of when he is gonna throw it does make it harder to dodge. So the idea is to make {{champion:412}} hook have a charge, like {{champion:555}} . if you add a charge you don't telegraph as much of WHEN you are going to throw it. another idea that I came up with if you wanted to have a tap ability as well "like {{champion:555}} " you could remove the passive on flay and add maybe an aoe the cone that slashes people in front of him, which could perhaps apply grevious wounds? Or perhaps you could apply some sort of swing with his lantern; whacking someone with it, to apply some kind of debuff. I am not sure. Was just a cool idea I came up with for {{champion:412}} Hope that my idea is considered in the future.
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