Terrigon the Dragon Wrath

**Concept** I came up with this concept after reading {{champion:102}} champion lore. In her lore we learnt that {{champion:102}} had a mother that was looking for her after she was kidnapped when she was still in an egg. Before she set out to find shyvanna she made sure her remaining eggs hatched first and waited until they were old enough to take flight. Unfortunately she was killed by her own daughter {{champion:102}}. With that info i thought what if one of Yvva Children found out about her death and how she died decided to exact revenge on shyvanna and all the humans. Lore Terrigon is one of the last elemental dragon existing in the world, his sole purpose is to exact revenge on the people who were responsible for slaying his mother. **Abilities ** _Passive: Flight_ Terrigon charges up a Flight bar and once it reach 100% he will fly in the air making him temporary immune to melee attack and knock up effects and also increasing the range of his abilities. * Flight only last until his flight bar reach 0 * taking damage from range or abilities will reduce the duration * can still take damage from knock up abilities _Q: Flame Barrage _ - Charge up an attack and fire a barrage of fire blast in a targeted direction dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (80%ap) damage. At fully charge he fires 4 blast. - Flight mode: It will change from a skill shot to an area targeted ability like Xerath ultimate. _W: Flame Wall _ - Unleash a flame wall that damage enemies that walk through it for 50/75/100/125/150 (50%ap) also will be slowed for 30/40/50/60/70%. - Flight mode: It will turn into a flaming ring that will in trap enemies in a circle area. _E: Ember burn _ - Fire a blast in a targeted direction that damage the first enemy hit for 50/75/100/125/150 (70%ap) and blinding them for 2sec. - Flight mode: He will cover an area in a smoke screen that will blind enemies inside and deal magic damage. _R: Inferno Breath_ Passive: Scorch ground: Your ability will burn the ground causing any enemy standing in it to have reduce healing by 10/15/20% - Unleash a continuous breath of fire that deal magic damage to enemies standing in it per second. - Flight mode: Terrigon can move while casting the ability.
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