So me and my friends were talking, and I think we thought up one of the best skin lines possible. It started with {{champion:268}} . We were talking about one-shots, and thought it would be funny to see someone get one-shot by {{champion:268}} 's ultimate. Then we started playing around with his quotes. "Shurima, your manager has returned!" Suddenly, lightning struck. Branch Manager {{champion:268}} . There could be a fast food skin line, with {{champion:268}} as the manager, {{champion:133}} as the delivery girl, {{champion:80}} as the chef, {{champion:15}} as the cashier, and {{champion:201}} as the sign spinner. They could have special quotes, like {{champion:268}} saying "The store is now closed." when he ults, "Opening a new branch.", when he activates his passive, stuff like that. His soldiers would be replaced with employees, who would attack by shoving trays of food at the enemies. {{champion:133}} 's ult would be her riding on a delivery moped, and q would be throwing pizza boxes or something. As you can see, the idea is still rough, and obviously needs many edits and tweaks.
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