LoL-Themed Gameshow: 100% FREE, Win RP! ------ Looking for contestants!

Intro: League of Gambling
The official introduction to League of Gambling. League of Gambling is always, and will always be 100% FREE. Music is "Unchained (The Payback / Untouchable)" by James Brown / 2Pac Airs every day at 9pm EST - 12am EST. (6pm PST - 9pm PST) Bet for free. Win RP.
(Video contains profanity) Hello, my name is Casino Owner and I host League of Gambling, the first and only LoL-Themed Gameshow on Twitch! I realize that the phrase "Free RP" sets off a ton of alarm bells, but we really do give out free RP. Every. Single. Night. For proof of this, see: A little about the show: We stream every single night at 9pm - 12am Est. We primarily play viewer games where any audience member can join in. We also frequently have Featured Guests, including Master/Challenger players and Current/Former LCS players. Bigfatlp (of CLG) has been a guest on our show and Nien from eNVy is a scheduled upcoming guest! We also do a lot of "goofy" game modes including Ultimate Bravery, Skin Theme vs Skin Theme, and Viewers vs. 5x Diamonds+ with various handicaps! So whether you come to learn from High Elo players, try for a chance at glory infront of an audience, or just to win some free RP, we try to provide it all. - Casino P.S. If I'm allowed to post an RP code in this thread, I may update this post with a code or two :D

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