Ederick & Nixio [Darkin Champion]

Ederick and Nixio
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**Champion Name:** Ederick and Nixio **Title:** The Parasitic Link **Role:** Assassin **Base stats:** Health - *585 +29 p/L* Health Regen - *6.3 +0.7 p/L* Mana - *Infection: 250* Mana Regen - *50* Range - *170* Attack Damage - *45 +6 p/L* Attack Speed - *0.7 (+0 +2%) p/L* Armor - *30 +7 p/L* Magic Resist - *38.5 +4 p/L* Move Speed - *335 +5 p/L* **Difficulty:** 3 / 3 **Damage Type:** Attack Damage **Build:** Full Attack Damage, Nuker **Uses:** Jungler Attack: 3/3 Defence: 1/3 Crowd Control: 1/3 Speed: 2/3 Utility: 3/3 **>Abilities<:** **Passive: Parasite Capacity** Instead of mana Ederick and Nixio use this resource called Infection, it works similar to Energy but has a unique feature to it. When their Infection bar reaches under 10% of its maximum capacity Ederick and Nixio’s next basic attack will be a guaranteed critical strike regardless of what debuffs or the critical hit percentage he may have. - *Cooldown: 15 seconds.* **Q: Vicious Shredding** Nixio takes over Ederick’s arms and lunges forward for a short distance, dealing physical damage in a rectangular area in front of them and shredding the armour of any enemy caught in the attack by 15% for the next 3 seconds. *Using this from Parasitic Corruption:* Using this after Ederick and Nixio use _Parasitic Corruption_ will enhance the target range of the dash and will shred the enemy’s armour for 20% rather than 15% for 3 seconds. Note: This procs on-hit effects that influence basic attacks like Statikk Shiv or Iceborn Gauntlet and can Crit like their basic attacks. - *Damage 1: 85 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+80% AD) Damage 2: 130 /160 / 195 / 235 / 260 (+75% AD) Lunge Target Range 1: 350 Lunge Target Range 2: 700 Damage Effect Radius: 200 Speed: 1700 Cost: 40 Infection Cooldown: 5 Seconds* **W: Sycophant** Nixio takes over Ederick’s body, erupting from the pores of his body, this deals physical damage to all enemies around them. If this deals damage to 2 or less enemy champions the opponents will be feared for 0.5 seconds. *If used with Vicious Shredding:* If this ability is used in quick succession (0.75 seconds) with _Vicious Shredding_ it will automatically activate _Parasite Capacity’s_ critical hit, then it refunds _Sycophant’s_ Infection Cost. - *Damage: 70 / 95 / 120 / 145 / 170 (+70% AD) Cost: 50 Infection Cooldown: 7 Seconds Effect Range: 300* **E: Parasitic Corruption** Nixio takes over Ederick’s full body and burrows himself into a nearby monster, minion or piece of terrain, enemies can only see him activate this ability and cannot see him while this is active. However coming awfully close (180 units) from him will show that the terrain/minion/monster is corrupted with a black aura. Moving or casting a spell will cause him to erupt from wherever he was hiding into the direction he chose, but erupting from terrain will always be on the side he is closest to unless _Vicious Shredding_ is used. - *Target Range: 500 Cooldown: 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 16 Seconds Cost: 60 Infection Burrow Time Maximum: 15 Seconds* **R: Barnacle Breakpoint** Nixio completely takes over Ederick, granting him a +15% to Attack Damage, Critical Strike Chance, Movement Speed, Attack Speed and Tenacity. While this is active all of their abilities will have 2 charges that they can store up before their abilities go on cooldown, this means that: You can use _Vicious Shredding_, _Sycophant_ and _Parasitic Corruption_ two times. The second cast will not cost any Infection must it be used in 2 seconds after the first cast. *Cost: 100 Infection Will this break Parasitic Corruption: No Cooldown: 110.5 / 100 / 95 Seconds Duration Morph: 20 Seconds (Cooldown will count after they have morphed back) Q Note: Shredding does NOT Stack* **Strategy** Pre Level 6, try to gank using your E and Q, you can cover a lot of ground with it and a well timed W will force the enemy laner towards your own laner. Ederick and Nixio excel at picking off targets, their huge one shot potential and the fact that you can be anywhere will shake fear into people who try to roam. E > Q > W > AA Is a very good combo that can halve an enemy’s health with the right items, using your R while in your E can make you extremely scary. R > E > Q > W > E > Q > W is one hell of a combo that makes you stick to a target and deal a humongous amount of damage. **Biography:** *“You won’t kill us, the carnage that lives within us will always remain in the spirits of others.” Ederick and Nixio* A coated man runs through the watery streets of Bilgewater, his feet slipping over the muddy stones every other second, from behind him zip several bullets, followed by the shouts from several me. His deep panting casts clouds of frost breath into the air whilst he dodges all sorts of objects that are in his way. Another bullet zips past him, this time he turns around to throw an item at his attackers “Leave me alone stupid humans!” He yells after them. “You’re human yourself dumbfuck!” The men shout, they resort to stones instead, a few of them hitting the refuge on the back of his head. “I don’t want to be.” He man mutters under his breath, his eyes focuses on the slippery ground beneath him so that he won’t trip. But that proves futile, the moment that his feet hit wood instead of cobble he cannot stop. The front of his feet hits the log of wood, and suddenly the dry land beneath him is gone, only water remains. Only one breath can be taken between him and the water, then he plunges deep into the dirty blue liquid. That single breath is gone quickly, but he realizes that he doesn’t know where the surface is, he moves hysterically, trying to break through the water, but he can’t. That’s when IT emerges, a black shadow moves through the thick mud, it’s just dark enough for him to see, slowly it approaches until it shows it’s face. At first, it strikes dangerous fear into the man, but after a moment of being safe he doesn’t care, he is going to die anyway. Violently he screams through the waters. “TAKE ME.” He is shocked when he notices the thing is smiling creepily. And a deep booming voice crosses the ocean’s waters. “**Gladly**” - - - **>Runes<** **Jungle** **)Dominion(** Hail of Blades Sudden Impact Eyeball Collection Ravenous Hunter **)Precision(** Triumph Coup de Grace **Core Items** -Duskblade of Draktharr -Youmuu’s Ghostblade -Phantom Dancer
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