Champion kit #30, homage to Dlanor

Hello you people, I'm FúrinKazan and, although a level 10 account, I'm actually close to 400 in the BR server. I recently tried to reach out to Riot about my projects for League of Legends, but unfortunately they only deal with graduated people. Anyway, the projects I made for the game have no use anymore so I decided to publish them all. They are champion kits, counting up to 120 with unique abilities, defined classes, gameplay and numbers for those who like. The idea is to publish one champion per day until April. I also have some champion updades and they might show up sometimes. I see a lot of good and creative kit concepts and reworks everywhere on the internet. However, if its gameplay is not coherent, it's not a champion. If numbers are not right, it won't work. Riot abandons a lot of cool fantasies because they end up failing at executon, so I bring you the abilities instead, for people to imagine a theme as they want. Here we go (leave a comment and take a look at my older posts!): * Teruko Akai (names are merely for inspiration and representation). Created as an homage to the character Dlanor. * **Diver core traits:** reliable mobility, reliable upfront damage, reliable durability, moderate sustain ___________________________________________________________________ **Passive: Inquisitor of witches:** Teruko's basic attacks trigger special interactions based on a percentage of their targeted enemy champions' **Maximum Health**. Interactions whose **Maximum Health**'s percentage is lower takes precedence over others. **Die the death:** Teruko leaps up to **625** units towards an enemy champion above** 50% Maximum Health**, thrusting him with her **Red longsword** and dealing **10%** of his **current Health** as additional **Physical Damage**. **Sentenced to death:** Upon targeting an enemy champion below** 50% Maximum Health**, Teruko attacks twice, dealing **100% AD** as additional **Physical Damage** and applying on-hit effects one more time. **The great equalizer is the death:** Against an enemy champion below **25% Maximum Health**, Teruko impales him with her **Red longsword**, dealing **15% AD (+ 12% of target's missing Health)** as additional **True Damage** and **rooting** for **0.75** second. Each one of the interactions cannot hit a same enemy champion more than once every **9** seconds. ___________________________________________________________________________ **1st Skill:** Teruko jumps and spins before performing a powerful horizontal cut with her **Red longsword**, hitting enemies within a conical area in front of herself, dealing damage and **slowing** for **1.5** seconds. Enemies hit at the border of the curved area take **50%** increased damage and are **silenced** for the same time. Teruko can move while preparing to cut. **-Damage: 70/95/120/145/170 (+ 75% AD Bônus) as Physical Damage -Slow: 40/45/50/55/60% -CD: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds** ___________________________________________________________________________ **2nd Skill:** After a delay, Teruko seals the selected passage up to **500** units wide, placing **Gertrude** or **Cornelia** to block it with a wall. The wall lasts for up to **60** seconds and grants **vision** of the nearby area, being impassable to both allies and enemies (also interrupts mobility effects from both). When** Gertrude** or **Cornelia** catch sight of any champion, the wall duration is changed to **3.5** seconds and grants **vision** if it's an enemy champion for the same time. During this time window the ability may be recast for Teruko to dash ultrarapidly towards the area, receiving a shield and additional **Attack Speed** that last for **5** seconds. Teruko may have **2** walls placed at the same time. _''Allow me to speak. Let it be known that passing through this wall is impossible''_ **-Shield: 75% AD (+ 8/9/10/11/12% of Teruko's Maximum Health) -Additional Attack Speed: 30/35/40/45/50% -CD: Charge system, 1 charge every 30/27/24/21/18 seconds (reduced by Cooldown Reduction), maximum of 2** ___________________________________________________________________________ **3rd Skill: Passive:** Teruko's basic attacks (and abilities too) and those she takes from enemy champion grant a **Physical Damage** reduction of **2%** and also reduce **Magic Damage** taken by a percentage. Stacks up to **10** times, lasting for **5** seconds. **Active:** After reaching **10** stacks, Teruko thrusts ahead the **10 commandments to kill witches**, stopping at the first enemy champion hit and dealing damage every **0.3** second for **3** seconds. While thrusting, Teruko may move but cannot basic attack. The ability doesn't change direction and can be recast to end the effect earlier. **-Magic reduction per stack: 2/2.5/3/3.5/4% -Damage (per commandment): 15/20/25/30/35 (+ 15% bonus AD)(+ 1.5% of enemies' missing Health) as Physical Damage -CD: 17/16/15/14/13 seconds** ___________________________________________________________________________ **Ultimate:** Teruko complements her **Red longsword** and draws her **Blue shortsword** for **8** seconds, causing every basic attack to trigger a secondary attack that deals damage and applies on-hit effects again. Also, the activation grants Teruko a burst of additional **Movement Speed** that decays to a third of its effectiveness after **3** seconds. Hitting an enemy champion with **The great equalizer is the death** under the effect of this ability extends its duration for **3** seconds and triples the **Movement Speed** bonus for the same time. **-Modified damage: 25/30/35% AD (+ 25% of target's AP) as Magic Damage -Movement Burst: 30/45/60% -CD: 110/90/70 seconds (begins on cast)** ___________________________________________________________________________ Melee, uses **Mana**

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