Non-cannon Void Invasion Story

Sorry if this isn't the right spot for this, but I figured that if tales of Runeterra go on this board my tale might fit here. This is non-cannon as I haven't kept up with EVERYTHING in the lore lately, so please read accordingly... or avoid accordingly. You've been forewarned. Also... this story is being written in pieces, and this is part 1 of the story. So if you like it, let me know and look for more. I'll do my best. If you dislike it, just say nothing and move on. Thanks. Garen and Kat part 1 For the 80th time since she’d started out on this journey, Kat (her full name was Katarina, but all her good friends and associates called her Kat) asked herself if she should just turn back. This journey wasn’t even guaranteed to have a “yes” waiting at the end of it and even if it did, the relationship would probably not work out in the end anyways. They were from two different kingdoms at war with each other for most of their overlapping history. But she knew in her heart that she loved this man from the moment she laid eyes on him. It was an odd thing for an assassin who often had to sneak or lie her way into places to do her job to put such a high value on honesty and the bravery it took to lead a group of soldiers from the front, but then again maybe she valued it so much because it was a rare combination of characteristics for her fellow Noxians. “Just put those thoughts behind yourself and focus or you’ll get yourself caught and killed,” Kat told herself as she and her loyal few attendants snuck their way to the border between Noxus and Demacia. They worked their way through the sparsely wooded lowlands and dried marshes that marked tipefied this small patch of the border. Thankfully it was a dimly moonlit night with enough clouds to provide the occasional shadow that one as skillful as she and her attendants could use to sneak across the more open areas. While the marshes lacked standing water this time of year, they would still squelch when you walked across them.Though from her Noxian intelligence sources, the last Demacian patrol had passed through here two days ago and the next wouldn’t be coming until tomorrow mid day or so. Still it paid to be cautious until the time came to make the final move as Kat had learned so many times on the job. And cautious she as tonight. Something had been following them for a day or so. Or rather some things… and they seemed to use either sorcery or have some other way of tracking than your standard human eyesight because even moving stealthily at night and using nigh invisible adaptive camo tents didn’t seem to throw them off her trail nor did any of the false trails her companions had skillfully left behind in order to lose their unwanted guests. It wasn’t Demacians because they were not so skillful in this area except perhaps Luxanna. Nor did she think it were yordles as this wasn’t Teemo’s style. “While I wanted to go further,” she began to tell Atima her closest companion geometrically speaking, “I think we need to camp here for the night and move out in the morning before the patrol gets here. That way we can hopefully shake these pursuers lest they risk being spotted in open daylight by the Demacian patrol.” She nodded her head in agreement and silently dropped back in their spread out formation speaking to the first few in silent whispers before they fanned out to alert the rest of the group to set up camp for the night. Coming back from having gathered the furthest of their one and a half dozen, Atima noticed a faint glimmer of light. To judge distance in the complete darkness that had descended since the moon set and the sun had yet to set the horizon on fire is beyond human capability. But she surmised it in the direction and probable vicinity of camp and cursed. Some dimwit had forgotten the rule of no fire, although this one appeared a strange purple from so far away. SOMEONE was going to get it when she got back to camp. While Kat might be feeling unusually forgiving as of late, Atima was not. And to make such a mistake with a Demacian patrol only half a day or so away was un… Thwicksssss. Ouch. More purple this time right in front of her and… eyes?.... What was this buried in her abdomen? A… a creature’s claw. One of the ones that must have been stalking them because she saw more purple lights appear throughout the darkness around her. She didn’t scream. Like a good assassin, she alerted the others with a specific bird call native to the area done the correct number of times with the correct interval spacing before sinking to her knees - dead. Before she even had a chance to determine who had alerted the group to danger or determine exactly from where they signal had been sent, Kat and the dozen others who had made it to camp already saw the night light up about them. She estimated about 30 or more purple lights even as she reacted to the nearest one leaping over her head and attempting to…. Bite her head off? She ducked and spun in a circle neatly dodging while also making it more confusing for any more of such creatures that might be preparing their jumps. Reaching down her right thigh, she grabbed one of her many throwing knives and hurled it crrrslick into the creatures back as it was about to land on the ground. Without stopping to look back - the best can walk away even as their enemy bleeds out and dies with confidence - she hurled herself into the whirling mess that was her party’s camp. Blades flew, wire traps thinner than the thickness of fine wool were laid, retractable Caulfield’s staves were extended for battle. Had there been even faint moonlight or had the local moonsilver lilies been in season, it would have been easy for them to destroy their attackers. But with the complete darkness interrupted only by flashes of purple light as the void creatures - for that is what Kat had determined them to be after her third kill - had the advantage. The Noxian assassins’ agility only meant so much when they had to worry about leaping or cartwheeling into their own wire traps, so they were forced into a more standard and immobile defensive circle. Damn these creatures wherever they’d come from. Although they’d managed to deal with the first 30, it appeared more of them were coming. In fact, now that she looked further out, Kat saw two giant void gates (she supposed that would serve as a good enough name for now) that seemed to be letting swarms of the creatures in. So her team - what was left of it as she looked around at shredded clothing purple dye streaked faces and cloaks - must have just killed the vanguard scouts. Killed them at the expense of all but 7 of her companions Kat thought with grimness in her heart. They couldn’t stay here, that was for sure with the void army still growing in size and seemingly heading diagonally towards them from the direction of Noxus. Hey, wait a minute… she could see now. Moonsilver lilies appeared to have blossomed out of season and given them a reasonable chance to make a run for it and fight back should any more void creatures make attempts at their lives. “Towards the Demacian patrol’s camp. It’s our only chance (and pray it’s Garen there she silently added),” Kat panted out to her peers and began running. Interlude “Well, this sure wasn’t what I expected,” thought Lux as she simultaneously bent light around herself making herself invisible both to the broader visible and infrared vision of the void creatures and spawning a pattern of lucent singularities - that looked remarkably like Moonsilver lilies - to light the way for the Noxians. Doing either of these was a piece of cake. Doing both while running at a frenetic pace of the Noxians and keeping stealthy enough that neither the assassins around her nor any lurking void creatures notice her was going to be beyond taxing by the time they reached her brother’s patrol half a day’s march to the south. Especially since rendering herself invisible to infrared meant she trapped all the heat she generated inside her bubble of invisibility with her. Still she’d gone through as rough while spying on the courts of Noxus - especially since lord Swain had taken over and made a deal with a demon. Summoning some cooling water in a thin sheet over her body and holding it there with wind magic - to avoid sloshing noises - she ran on, keeping pace with the Noxians. She couldn’t reveal herself as Kat may have a thing for Garen, but still wouldn’t hesitate to put a dagger through Luxanna’s pretty face. They’d managed to lose most of the pursuers and Lux estimated that the Demacian camp wouldn’t be too far away if they’d kept proper pace for patrol duty - something she didn’t have to question when her brother was involved. The only not by-the-books thing he’d ever done is learned an old family heirloom from before Demacia had been born.The ability to call down the power of the stars to smite strong opponents after weakening them enough. It was from an age when monsters had ruled much of the world and most humans were still in migratory bands or so her parents had told him. Listening stealthily from the woodpile nearby she’d heard her father tell garen to only wield it in times of greatest need and vs the strongest of opponents when no other hope remained. “Yeah, no kidding,” lux thought to herself as most in Demacia either hated magic or at best saw it in a grey light. So garen had used it only twice in his life. First to reveal to his commander when he’d started out as a fresh recruit in the Demacian military because he was so honest he couldn’t bear the thought of hiding it and secondly when they’d been forced to retreat through some tectonic wasteland and been assaulted by a giant magma golem. It went without saying Garen was lucky his first commander had been sympathetic to magic wielders or he’d never have lived long enough to use it a second time. Perhaps it was better that lux had always held an attraction for games of stealth and exploration. If she’d been the straight-laced one like Garen, she wouldn’t have become a part of the secret organization she’d been forced to join in order to remain in Demacia and protect her family. “Never mind all that right now,” lux thought to herself as she glanced back over her shoulder. “We need to take down those void gates or the enemy will keep pouring through. Kat should be close enough to my brother now and the enemy pursuit force small enough that they can make it ok.”

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