[Concept rework]Malphite,the living mountain.

Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRXrXtm8PxE&feature=youtu.be By Epic music VN. Author of theme Idea:Rollerfire. [**Lore**] In one Targonian village,one teacher with his students has going to learn to how make the inanimate objects in to a living objects with using magic.The meeting of the teacher and the students was at the foot of on ancient mountain,what will 15 kilometers from their village.When everyone come,the teacher took the students in one altar,near the mountain,there and started the training.Everyone did their job good,only one small girl,with the name Helena didn't did it,he has a problem to control her magic,when he tries to make alive the small rock,he felt on her knees because of her doubt and fear what he will did it wrong.Then,the girl stand up,he focused all her magic to make alive the rock,but in the last moment,one of the stundents throw to girl a book to stop her,only because the boy don't wanted to see what someone are better than him.After colliding with a book,the girl miss her magical salvo,and the magic hits in to the mountain...after that,the pause of silence as heard,and then the mountain started to grow legs and arms with a giant boulders near him,the cave what he have became as a mouth,up to him mouth was created two kind yellow eyes,after the transformation,the titan spoke:"**Who was the human who quickened me?**",the teacher tried to protect their students and then he saw what Helena was not here,she was going closer and closer to the foot of the titan,in that moment the teacher tries to call Helena back but she ignore him,when he come closer to the titans foot,he say:"Great giant,mountain Mala'phi't,i did it".The titan saw the small girl and then he got down,to see her more closely,then he say:"**I thank you,little girl what you give me life,i will be your protector for that**".The teacher was dumbfounded because of the titan...the titan quest the girl:"They bother you,little girl?"**,after these words,the boy who throw the book in to Helena fell down and started to crying,then he say the truth and asked for forgiveness,the titan looked at Helena,she says:"No,don't touch him great titan,he didn't wanted it",the titan looked at Helena eyes,and saw how kind she is,after that he say:"Alright little girl,as you wish".Next Day,Helena come to the same place were she meet the titan,she called him everywhere but he didn't hear her,she seeked out him,but didn't find him.Helena sit on a rock,and started to think how to find her new friend and then he get it what need,he steps on the ground and started focusing magic on her hands,after some seconds she throw up to the skies the magic power what she focused,and after that she felt a earthquake,the another one,and another one,it was seemed like someone coming to her and that was her new friend the giant mountain."**Hello little girl**",spoke the titan and after that he sit down on him knees,"**You call me?**" quest the titan,"**Yes,i want to talk with you Mala'phi't....no....i'll call you Malphite!yes,this iwll be your new name!**",the titan smiles to the girl,and he quest her,"**Well,glad what you give to me a name.What is your name?**"Helena answered:"**My name is Helena...and i have one request to you,Malphite**",then Malphite lowered his head even more,to hear her request:"**The our prophet,Stak'hu,predicted an invasion of purple monsters what will consume us all,please,promise to me what you will protect us all?**",after these words the titan spoke:"Helena...you give me a soul,a new life....i will protect you and everyone in Targon,even if it will be my last breath**". Now,as a best friends,Helena and Malphite walked together,played and talked to each other.Time passed, and their friendship grew higher like a mountain,and became stronger like a metal. After this day,the Targon get an another protector what will defend them from the invasion,a great ancient mountain....big and serious outside,but kind with gold heart inside. "**The humans child with the name Helena give me chance to see the world....after this gift,I will pay her the same as a protection of her country and family.**" -Malphite. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Statistics] Health: 574.2 (+ 90) Health regen: 7 (+ 0.55) Mana: 282.2 (+ 40) Mana regen: 7.324 (+ 0.55) Range: 125 Attack damage: 61.97 (+ 4) Attack speed: 0.638 (+ 3.4%) (+ 0.098) Armor: 37 (+ 3.75) Magic resists: 32.1 (+ 1.25) Movement.Speed: 335 Role:Tank. Class:Vanguard. Lane:Top,support. Primary recourse:Mana. Damage:Mixed. Melee champion. [Ratings] Damage: Toughness:2/3 Utility:1/3 Mobility:1/3 Crowd control:2/3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Abilities] [Passive]Tectonic shift: Every 15 seconds,near Malphite came out from the ground small mountains.With it helps Malphite can upgrade him Q ability if he click on them.If Malphite click on the small mountain,it will will merge with him hand,until he use the Q ability. "**Brow up,grow strong!**" -Malphite. [Q]Titan's blow: Malphite make a blow with him fist,deal physical damage and slow the attack speed of enemy champion. If Malphite do the **Titan's blow** with the small mountain on him hand,the enemy champion will be stunned,and the mountain will be destroyed. cost:40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 mana. cooldown:15 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds. target range: 850 bonus physical damage:15 / 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 (50+ % AD) (+ 15% armor) "**I am sorry,you was just in my way**". -Malphite [W]Earthquake: Malphite slam the ground with him hand,dealing magical damage and cripple the enemy champion. cost:35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 mana. cooldown:7 seconds. Effect radius:200 magic damage:60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+ 40% AP) cripple:30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% "**You shall not pass!**" -Malphite. [E]Mountain ridge: [Normal cast]:Malphite became as mountain.In this moment he get a shield,but he can't use ability or move,until the cooldown of ability ends or if he want it via the second using of the ability. [Cast near landscape]:Malphite create a mountain ridge with him body after 3 seconds transformation.In this moment,Malphite can't use abilities or move,through him can go the ally minions and ally champions,unlike the enemy champions and minions.(The mountain ridge will be destroyed until the cooldown of the ability ends or when Malphite die) cost:50 mana cooldown:15 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds. Shield strength:10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% armor. "**Protect at any cost!**". -Malphite. [R]Unstoppable Force:Malphite Dash dashes Unstoppable to the target location and,upon impact, deals magic damage to all nearby enemies and Airborne icon knocks them up for 1.5 seconds. cost:100 mana cooldown:130 / 120 / 110 magic damage:100 / 200 / 300 (+ 40% AP) target range:1000 effect radius:400 "**I have promised to her.....i'll not destroy it!**" -Malphite. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [**Interactions**] Champion select:"Be strong as a boulder,be steady as a mountain." Champion select:"I will not destroy the promise what i give..." Attacking the enemy champion/minion: 1]Ughhh,i am sorry little one. 2]Woops,beware there,it's my foot. 3]Beware! 4]Hm,seems interesting to punching. 5]Smash! 6]Ugh,humans have so weak body,how you live? 7]Feel the taste of granite! 8]I have a lot metals. 9]I don't like punching small things. 10]Sorry for that..really. Movement: 1]Beware there down,i am moving. 2]Ohh,i hope i didn't stepped on someone. 3]Huh,it's not normal for a mountain to walk around. 4]This world is so beautiful. 5]I love the stars,i love watch the stars. 6]Skin of stone,blood of lava...hearth of gold. 7]Magic,awake me. 8]Targon is by my protection. 9]I think i need to grow on my back some trees..and a lake!...and a forest... 10]Life is beautiful. [**Interaction with champions**] Taunt to enemy champions: {{champion:12}}:Wow,calm down bull,we can do without fights. {{champion:12}}:You are really strong,bull,but have you even tried to lift up a mountain? {{champion:53}}:Hehey,you are created with metal,i have metal too. {{champion:53}}:Hm,don't feel electricity. {{champion:31}}:Hey devourer,let me show you the taste of granite! {{champion:31}}:Don't even try to hurt her,you monster! {{champion:3}}:I....think you are too small to fight against me,no? {{champion:111}}:I never seen sea,what is it? Taunt to ally champions: {{champion:16}}:Heeey,i know you....you warderer once on my back,heheh. {{champion:10}}:My greetings aspect of justice...or just Kayle. {{champion:25}}:Woaah,you look very beautiful with your purple suit. {{champion:89}}:Sun,perfect as the moon. {{champion:131}}:Moon,perfect as the sun. {{champion:136}}:Hello star forger!i respect your work,your stars is beautiful. {{champion:432}}:Hm,you are strange protector,Bard. {{champion:80}}:Aspect of war,this is my pleasure to fight with you in one side. {{champion:44}}:Aspect of protection...wait...i protect too! {{champion:142}}:Hey,aspect of twilight,wanna play some games? Taunt to enemy Noxian champions({{champion:122}},{{champion:50}},{{champion:119}},{{champion:240}},{{champion:14}},{{champion:55}},{{champion:8}},{{champion:92}}):I will protect Targon until my last breath,you all are not a problem for me. {{champion:3}}:Hey little statue,you look great with your petricite armor. {{champion:111}};Are you a titan?huh,if it is then who i am?giant?colossus?
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