Maybe a potential VU for Ahri in sight ? by Zeronis

[]( Hi! I would like to share with you a concept of a potential Ahri VU, It was made by the same person who designed the all KDA, SG and Ahri Challenger skins Artist here : Twitter : Artstation : A little over 3 months ago, posted the sketch of the concept, he specifies that it is just a fan concept and that there is nothing official with Riot Games then a few weeks later we just have the color visual of the head And until today has nothing, no more information on the final of this "fan?" concept there was a time when the whole part of the concept was released but the image was very small and was deleted very quickly, I'm not sure who found it so I don't know where it first appeared So I thought that at the base it was a fan concept, because this artist seems to like the character, and once finished the proposed to RiotGames in case or before posting the final version on his social networks, and that Riot accepted it in the final, :O or nothing, it just takes time on this fan concept, what do you think?
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