Ekko, Lucian and champion diversity

Because it means something to me and hopefully to you as well, Riot; Diversity is very important, and representing your entire target gaming crowd carries a lot of weight these days. When you released Lucian and Ekko I paid for both of them CASH MONEY, not IP. When I say to a friend, "Check out this cool game League of Legends", and they take a look at it and feel like they're well represented because of the diversity among the champions, that means you're on top of the game in more than one way, and it means a hell of a lot to some of us, regardless of the fact that I'm white enough to blind you on a mid-summers day. Ekko looks very much like some of the young gaming crowd here in the US and he breaks all the right rules- I can't wait to play him some. Awesome job Riot Games!!! Respectfully yours, Servitor
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