Demotion Revise

Can we please get a more accurate/ dependable system for (Demotions). I had 4 bad games in a row, the third game put me at 0 LP, the forth demoted me.... 1 game at 0 LP and I get demoted, that doesn't seem right. When I looked up the "Demotion" in support it says, "A particularly bad losing streak may result in dropping a tier or division, though there’s no set number of games that may trigger a demotion. Losing enough games at 0 LP can drop you into the next-highest division. If you’re in division IV, it’s possible you’ll even drop a tier. After a demotion, your LP will be set to 25 or 75, depending on how many losses you had at 0 LP." Losing enough games at 0 LP will drop you right after saying there is no set number is kind of sus. -Maybe give a negative LP counter, once you hit -40 LP you get demoted and have the negative state activate after the game you lose that makes you go to 0 LP. If you win one prior to hitting -40 then it resets you to 0 LP and you start over. Just an idea but the way it is now seems off.

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