New Champion - Bob the Builder **Bob the Builder** He builds stuff on the map which are temporary. **Passive: Materialize** Killing specific monsters give you different materials needed to build. **Q: DANGER!** Bob tells civilians that there is a construction is in place and to stay away. Anyone that tries to enter is slowed the more closer to the center they go and takes increasing damage. **W: I'M GONNA BUILD ON THAT!** Bob marks terrain on the map which he plans to constructing on. Gains true vision surrounding that area while it is marked and Bob and his allies gain increasing movement speed, armor and magic resist near that area. **E: WORK HEALTH AND SAFETY!** Bob reads through the WHS manual provided by his boss and chooses one to carry out (but messes up on 2 of them) **1. Dropping Hammer** Bob drops his hammer creating a massive explosion due to it's heavy nature, dealing massive physical damage to everything in it's vicinity including allies. **2. Slipping on Water** Bob slips on the water he spilt before and didn't bother to clean up, and holds on to a target to avoid falling down, but brings down both in the process. Luckily for Bob he re positions himself on-top of the target. So the target is stunned, and dealt max health percent damage. 3. Bob remembers to wear his safety glasses finally. He is immune to blinds for the duration. **R: CONSTRUCTION TIME** COSTS MATERIAL depending on what you intend to build. **A house.** Enemies can't enter without knocking. Which takes 3 seconds. If enemies do break in then they are reported to the police and take execute damage. **COST: Bricks.** **Car.** Bob finally gets his own car and he brings his allies in for a drive. Any that enter the car get double +150 movement speed and increased armor. **cost: Steel** **Road.** if you build roads then you can drive faster. **cost: concrete.** **Terrain.** Creates immovable terrain connected to existing terrain. cost: feathers.
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