Galactica Skins

So, this idea is mainly an idea about a new skinline in the Odyssey universe. Instead of every skin being called Odyssey, I think it would be cool if (for the champions I am gonna list and why) were called Galatica or something unique. Galactica {{champion:21}}: Miss Fortune would lead her own unit of criminals in space. They are smugglers, bounty hunters, and so forth. The ship they have is a stolen ship after stealing it from docks on day. Her crew are known as the Galactics because they are a board the ship, Galactica. Galactica: {{champion:350}} While she did just get a skin, this is simply an idea. Galatica Yuumi would be a runaway alien given the Book of Galaxies. A book that allows Yuumi and others to travel around the galaxy faster than using a ship. This helps with Miss Fortune's smuggling operations across the galaxy. Galactica {{champion:875}}: Sett would be the leader of a elite galactic group of pit-fighters (homage to his lore). He has a partnership with Miss Fortune. He helps her with her operations, and she provides him with "volunteers" for his pits. He does travel with Miss Fortune as part of her crew however. Galactica {{champion:143}}: Zyra would be an alien that used to under employment of the main antagonist for Miss Fortune's team. However, Zyra betrayed him, and now she is being hunted. She sought protection from Miss Fortune's crew. Galactica Rafen: This is an unreleased character in League of Legends. He is Miss Fortune's first mate in lore. He would continue being her first mate in Galactica. He would function as the overseer for every operation in her criminal organization. He is also the co-pilot of the ship. Galactica {{champion:420}}: The last main member of Miss Fortune's crew. She is the body guard of both her and Rafen. If she needs some heads bashed in, she calls on her Illaoi or Sett. Finally, Galaxy Slayer {{champion:555}}: Pyke is the main antagonist for Miss Fortune's crew. Miss Fortune crew is harboring Zyra after she betrayed and "killed" Pyke by drowning him in Ora, but instead of dying the Ora fused with him. Now, he hunts Zyra and MF's crew. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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