[Champion Teaser] The Lost Child

Awakened from the slumber She comes to gather A dark master has tamed her Someone that was meant to be lost forever Alive and amplified to reach her father Silence in an empty room reveals the murder Another year and life has passed further Seemingly all will be soon revealed [Prologue] >"Papa?" The room is covered in darkness and full of different voices screaming, but only one voice claims to be calm. >"Papa? Where are you?" Tragedy is once again in favour of irony, because a girl stuck in the dark room was calling someone she loved and wanted most - now in this moment more than ever. >"I am so alone. Please papa if you hear me help me" A dark figure appeared from nothing, it was a creature who calls the world his home - The Void. >"Another weak human sacrificed. It seems I have to get rid of this idiot who only sends weaklings. Nothing worth to feast on." The girl who cried for her father suddenly stopped, and punched the creature in the face. >"Hohoho, you're a fighting nature, what? Maybe I have use for you, after all you're fearless." Though it was a chance for the girl to survive in a world where she was alone and didn't knew how to survive, she rebelled. >"No! I wait for my papa! He will come and help me!" Displeased about her ungrateful attitude, the dark figure became silent and stared at her, before he finally continued. >"Your father is gone. He left you here in this world and ran off, you will never see him again. Now stop crying and follow me." First she refused to follow him, she started to cry again and the unknown person disappeared when he walked away. She immediately tried to catch up to him. >"No! You lie! My father is strong and brave, he would never let me alone!" The mysterious person started a, in his eyes painful, conversation. >"It's the truth. Or do you see him anywhere? He left you alone because he didn't.. how do humans say? Like? Wuv? Love? .. anyway, he got rid of you because you were a bad girl. I as someone who .. likes you, wanted to catch him and punish him for his thoughts, but he unfortunately ran off, maybe because.. the Void isn't really healthy. Hey, how do you even survive? Doesn't your head heart?" The girl shakes her head and asks. >"I asked my Papa if we could go to a show. The circus came to our town and I wanted to see them so badly.. I asked my father a hundred times, but he said that he had no time.. then I yelled at him. He was very angry.. maybe he really doesn't love me anymore." Alongside the walk, the person stopped and introduced himself. >"Yeah well, whatever. I guess I am now your master. Do not fear of what becomes of you. I will raise and train you as if you were my own daughter. What's your name again?" First the girl was anxious, but then trusted him. She held her hands high so that both can hold hands. >"I am Jazmyn! Nice to meet you! I swear I'll be a good girl." Not knowing what kind of request Jazmyn asked of the stranger by stretching her arms to him, but he clapped in her hand. >"You have to learn a lot Jazmyn." -------------- Years later, Jazmyn grew up to a woman. >"Jazmyn, what is your mission?" Jazmyn, like a soldier, answered immediately >"To kill everyone who is against the Void." The person smiled at her, asking. >"And who will you kill first when you're in Runeterra?" Jazmyn's body becomes relaxed when she said >"The scum who pretended to love me. My father." Jazmyn prepared to return to Runeterra and she whispered her last words >"I'm so sorry Papa. I'm gonna be a bad girl." http://kachima.deviantart.com/art/SEED-PROTOTYPLE-12-130420671?q=sort%3Atime%20gallery%3Akachima&qo=263
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