Anyone Familiar With Crypt TV?

The Birch | Scary Short Horror Film | Crypt TV
He who breaks me shall come undone... SUBSCRIBE now for weekly new scary videos: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Synopsis: A bullied schoolboy takes drastic measures against his tormenter, summoning an ancient being in the woods using a spellbound book passed down through the generations of his family.
I was on a total marathon in the ungodly hours of the morning watching the spooky films on their youtube channel, when I came across one I'd seen a while ago, but forgotten about till now: The Birch. Just wanted to share it here, because, honestly, how can anyone look at this and NOT think of an amazing creepy tree guardian concept for {{champion:127}}? Its nearly perfect thematically, and the lore behind what they show in the film is so ridiculously intriguing, its got me needing for more. If you've somehow never watched this before, I do highly recommend going and checking it out; its definitely one of my more favorite short stories. Lastly, and I have to do it: Rito plx.

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