With the upcoming VGU of swain , can Blood Lord Vladimir also receive an update like pulsefire ez ?

First , you may ask why did i bring vlad and swain ? Because they are related lore-wise and since swain is receiving a story update where vlad is going to be in it probably. The whole skin theme is very good and also the voice acting is so freaking badass. but then you zoom and see how outdated his textures and graphics and vfx are for a legendary skin. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ly0B5y8qaKk/TsIcsefM2xI/AAAAAAAABVI/wNK-Bnv-REo/s1600/Blood+Lord+Vladimir+Skin+Model.jpg Would also go on with nunu bot but nunu is on the list for VGUs. EDIT : Also adding more voice lines would also be cool , he has only about 3 mins of lines while most of other cool looking legendary skins have much more.

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