New skins for SUPER GALAXY universe for RUMBLE, YUMMI,Villians and more skins for Neon Strike force

Hear me out, im a huge Rumble fan. His super galaxy skin has so much love and characteristics to it. However the super galaxy skin line has little story to it but theres so much they can do with it. its linked up to the mecha skin line up too becuase Mecha Attraox has super galaxy Rumble in his picture and was made by him. However besides the big monsters attacking the city , they only have one super villian which is Elise super galaxy. I think If they explored this universe again they can do some crazy stuff! More super villian skins, maybe have bigger threats like the dark star universe coming to destroy the super galaxy universe. They can give Rumble a new sexy and awesome updated mech fitted to fight cosmic forces that has fiery animations emitting from his metal suit and make epic emotes that make Rumble seem awesome and powerful like the leader he should be portrayed as. He is the leader of super galaxy but theres little on screen attention he gets. Imagine a trailer, Rumble is witnessing Bandle city rise up in flames. The only thing standing between Bandle city and the huge monsters aproaching is Rumble, the mecha force, new neon strike members. New big enemies show up with Elise and her army, then a huge shadow casts over the surface of the planet and they look up into the sky only to see cosmic beings and dark stars about to devour their world. Now with Yummi to the resque and her hidden power, they can combine forces on Rumbles new top secret Tristy Model with limitless power and take on super galactic forces. Idk I just want to see something epic like this and I know this is a board that may not get attention but here is me wishing and promoting new skin ideas and maybe even merch! Id love to have a little Rumble plushy or something so I can have something physical that shows off my main. Let me know what you guys think and I would love to hear your guy's ideas and input. And maybe we can get Riots attention and maybe they can have fun playing around with some over the top action with this universe again!
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