Discussion about Naut visual/visual ailities update.

Dear Riot's (I don't care if Riot's will watch this discuss or not,just i want to say my opinion.),as a Nautilus main i demand a visual champion update and on abilities. For first,as a Naut main i love him visual,and don't want to something what will change him too much,just fix him walk and a bit him visual.Now about visual abilities update,by my opinion he need it.Here my opinion about those changes: [P]=Add some particle water effects. [Q]=Change the rope on a chain,because by my opinion it's not logical what Naut hook a anchor what is connected on a rope. [W]=Particle effects,nothing more. [E]=Particle water/wave effect's and that thing what have on Rene Q and Riven's Q...hope you know what i mean.(Basically the range.) [R]=Particle water effect's on shockwave PLS. That's all what i wanted to seen,and about interaction's it will be nice to see what Nautilus can say to different champions.

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