New azir skin?

I have an idea for an Azir skin, Mecha Azir. Think about it, Azir can control robots and have like a control panel that he controls them with. This would be an awesome Legendary skin. Inspired by this: Q - Robots get rockets on their back and shoot to location W - Turn his soldiers into Robots E - Azir gets rockets onto his back and flys to his robot, also have a fire afterburner effect R - Shield solders should have light shields, also have them get pushed with afterburners on back Passive - Turret should shoot fireballs, or energy balls. This would be an amazing skin for Azir in my opinion as he needs a new skin and I think a new legendary skin for him would be amazing. Vote, and up vote if you think this is a good idea because I think it would be awesome! Edit: if riot ever sees this and thinks its a good idea too, I would be happy to describe in detail what it could look like :)
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