Pls Riot Make this

CHICKEN FARMER YORICK. Hear me out: Player Model Yorick is in a farmer like get-up, straw hat, pitchfork and a piece of hay hanging out of his mouth. His clothes look like a ragged old farmer. Passive/ Last Rites Yorick's ghouls are actually baby chikcens or just small chickens. The Graves are eggs in which they hatch from. Dark Procession Yorick raises a chicken coop/pen from the ground shutting enemies in. Mourning Mist Yorick throws a bag of chicken pellets or seeds on the ground highlighting enemies with small angry chicken symbols. Eulogy of the Isles Yorick summons a giant chicken or rooster to fight for him. The Massive chook shoots pellets in a continuous stream from its mouth whenever attacks. If not this stream of pellets, maybe just refer to old maidens attack with a recolour and just have the beam shooting from its beak. Hope you boys and girls like the idea! Please show your support for this skin!
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