Probably the worst idea ever...

Okay... So imagine this... ARS! All Random Skills. Just as a fun April Fools Day game mode. You pick your champion, and summoner spells/runes but all 5 abilities are random. Suddenly you're Tryndamere shooting a giant lasar into a Braum shielded Veigar. Your jungler comes in for a gank... Lee Sin hovers through the wall and shoots out a Morgana bind. But wait... Superhero Teemo pulls out his Galio ult and saves the day! The amount of stupid fun would be crazy... And infuriating. Enemies hitting lvl 6 would be terrifying! Imagine Nocturn ult coming from the adc. The NEW form of URF. Title says it all. Some abilities would be disabled, like Nid/Jayce R, or Zac Passive, to remove bugs from happening. Basically the same as ARURF, luck determines who gets a broken champ.
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