Passive: Chimes Bard collect chimes that randomly appear on the map every 30 sec. Bard gains 2 adaptive force per collected chime. Q: Radiant Shower (Skillshot 650 long 300 wide) 9 sec cooldown 55 mana Bard unleashes meep stream in targeted direction damaging and slowing all enemies in line for 3 sec as long as they stay in area. W: Vortex 10 sec cooldown 70 mana Meeps shield target (ally or himself) for 1.5 sec. At the end of duration heals for amount of remaining shield. E:  Magical Journey (Skillshot 550 range) 12 sec cooldown 65 mana Bard lauches forward ignoring unit and terrain collision while damaging and stunning all enemies on his path for 0.5 sec. It will pick first ally champion on his path with him. R: Lull 150 sec cooldown 100 mana Bard unleashes shockwave that damages and lulls all enemies in 600 range around him for 1/1.5/2 sec or until they receive damage. Lull affects turrets as well.

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