Why isn't there any champion who's a sloth?

So hear me out, I'm not gonna create some great champion based on a sloth, because I'm VERY dumb, and I would design it terribly, but I invite anyone with the propper knowledge to give it a go. **BUT WHAT ABOUT SKINS? RIOT LIKES MONEY, WHAT ABOUT SKINS?** - **Yuumi** is just the perfect sloth, floating around hanging from her little branch, doing no sudden or forceful moves, just throwing her spells. **Gnar** on his small form could be a sloth, and a megatherium (huge and badass prehistoric sloth) on his mega form. **Ivern**, a really cool sloth, slightly shortening his legs and making his arms longer, it would follow the theme of peace and chill very nicely. **Nunu**, sort of following the same theme as Gnar, Nunu would be a tiny sloth hanging from the megatherium that replaces Willump - I'd certainly buy all of the above, and I don't even spend money on league, ever. I'm pretty sure there's many more sloth lovers in LoL community who would greatly appreciate them too.
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