The Mischievous Adventures part 384

(Later) Businessman 1: "So is this the place?" Businessman 2: "Yep, and today's the day we finally get this place." Businessman 3: "Good, that old man is annoying." {{champion:18}}: "Hey! Stop!" Businessman 3: "And you are?" {{champion:18}}: "I'm Tristana, and I'm going to stand up for Mr. Kled and his land." Businessmen 1,2, and 3: "......." Businessman 2: "Cute, now steep aside little girl." {{champion:18}}: "No!" Businessman 2: "Steep aside or we'll use force." {{champion:18}}: "I said no." Businessman 3: "This is getting ridiculous, Mr. Kled may you please remove this girl." Businessman 1: "Why are you shouting? We don't even know if he's here." Businessman 3: "Oh he's here alright." *Storms into the house* {{champion:18}}: "Wait, no!" *Goes after the Lawyer* Businessman 3: "Huh? Completely empty." {{champion:18}}: "He left?" Businessman 2: "Well that's just perfect, more work for us." Businessman 1: "Calm down, maybe he'll come back." {{champion:18}}: "...Wait, Mr. Kled!" Businessman 3: "He is here, knew it!" Businessman 2: "And he's asleep, perfect." {{champion:18}}: "Mr. Kled wake up, the lawyer guys are here....Mr. Kled? C'mon you can't be that much of a heavy sleeper....M-Mr. Kled?...Please, please don't be..." *Checks his pulse* "....." *Tears up* Businessman 1: "What? What's wrong?" {{champion:18}}: "H-He's...H-He's...." Businessman 1: "...He's gone isn't he?" {{champion:18}}: *Nods* Businessman 1: "Alright, come here." *Hugs her* Businessman 2: "Wow...he must have died in his sleep." Businessman 3: "And I don't see any pills or self wounds...I guess it was his time." {{champion:18}}: "......" Lawyer 2: "...Hey, I see a note next to him. It Tristana." {{champion:18}}: *Grabs note* Note ({{champion:240}}): 'Dear Tristana, if you're reading this here note then I'm...sorry to say but, I'm gone. Funny thing is I think I saw old death near the fences, that or it was me hallucinating. Any who, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you one last time kid. You were honestly good company, and dare I say...friend. Now I also got a surprise for y'ah, guess what? I went to your girl scout place and for the first time in years, gave up my land under your name. Now I hope you take good care of it, cause if not I'm going to haunt ya for the rest of your life!!!! Hehe, anyway I may have not have seen you but at least I said good-bye. Those biscuits were so darn good, yer a good shot, and be sure to protect my land. As for me, my wife, and Skaarl are going to root for yah kid!!' Businessman 2: "So he...gave up his her?" Businessman 1: "Guess so, and that means we'll have to wait awhile." Businessman 3: "Wow, even in death the crazy bastard finds a way to screw us." {{champion:18}}: "Mr. Kled...Ok, I'm going to protect your land. I promise."
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