Can Someone draw a Darkin Shield Character ( Character Concept)

I had this idea for a darkin tanky support that uses a blade shield has a weapon. His play style is to soak up damage then punish enemies by ccing them and staying close to them. **Bra Ah the Dark Punisher ** Who is Bra Ah? Bra Ah is one of the ancient darkin that fight on the front line. He take pleasure in battle because it give him the chance to be injured causing him to regenerate and become stronger. His weapon for battle is a Blade Shield, this shield was special because it has blades sticking out of it. The blade are possession in away that it give the attack just enough space to come in and attack but once they are in they realize they are doomed. Just one simple turn of his shield BraAh slice his enemy to pieces. **Passive: Shield of Agony** _Flesh Shield:_ Can store up to 40(+10% max hp) of damage in a pool, once you reach max capacity take that damage has bleed damage. While taking that bleed damage gain a increase in armor/mr. _Shield Of Torment:_ After 5 auto attack on an enemy blades will come out of your shield and start dealing 10/20/30 sec magic damage to enemy within a cone in front of you. Damage range approximately 2 teemos. While this passive is active it will give your other ability bonus effects. **Q: Impaling Blade** Bra Ah fires blades from his shield at a targeted location knocking back the first enemy hit and stunning them if they hit a wall are structure for 2 sec. Bra Ah fire blades at an enemy, dealing 55/110/165/220/275 (+70% AD) damage and knocking them back. If they get knock back into a wall or structure they will be stun for 2 sec **Bonus effect:** While Shield of torment is active this ability when gain increase knock back range. **W: Blood Bash** Bra Ah next auto attack is empowered and deal more damage and healing him for a portion of damage done. Bra Ah next auto attack deal 2x the damage of his current ad, he will heal for 20% of the damage dealt. **Bonus effect**: While Shield of torment is active you will heal for 50% of damage done. **E: Dread Ram** Bra Ah launches himself in a targeted location ramming into an enemy stunning them. Bra Ah launches himself in a targeted location dealing dealing 50/90/130/170/210(+70% AD) damage and stunning them for 1sec. **Bonus effect**: While Shield of torment is active he will gain 15% armor pen. **R: Death Impact** Bra Ah gain a increase in as/movement for a short duration when he re cast the ability he will jump up in the air and knock enemy away on impact.

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