Death Blossom Zyra - The Skin Everybody Has Been Waiting For

Zyra is a "Pain in the Grass" (pun intended). She's an amazing mage who can dish out lots of damage super fast - her opponent won't know what hit them. Many Zyra players love everything about her, except for something. A good skin. --- Many players are not satisfied with the skins for Zyra: Haunted Zyra Review: >" Personally after waiting and waiting for a new Zyra skin and hearing about how its been in the works for a while, I was disappointed to see Haunted Zyra . . . Not impressed with new Zyra skin. It lacks character, color, and is an over-simple theme. The price point is too high and is only justified because of seedlings, not because the skin concept is worth 1350. I hope this isn't the Zyra skin I've been hearing about for the past few months." - KingKongs Bana [Click to see Their Post]( Wildfire Zyra Review: > "I don't like this skin, it just...isn't what i expected according to the splash art." - Doctor Fuji "Totally agree with you, I love Zyra . . . but this one... ugh.." - nameDisplay "I don't like this skin either it isn't what i expected according to the splash art too.Its so sucks." - EliteAdam XII "I really dislike her plants on this skin :P they look like bleeding scabs" - Lil Tippy [Click to see Their Post]( --- On the other hand, many people would _die_ for the Death Blossom Zyra skin (sometimes called lotus): > "I really like the second one! She needs a prettier theme that coincides with flowers!" - Yulen Xoshxius "Agreed 200% Flowers FTW" - Bonzai Snap "The Death Blossom is amazing.. She is one of my favorite champions. I own all of her current skins.. Would totally buy it." - Blainezy "I LOVE LOTUS HOLY SHIT UPVOTE INTO OBLIVION" - Ahri Body Pillow "Lotus Zyra suits her way better (it's flower themed lol) plus it just looks really good . . . this would be Zyras best skin by far :)" - FÆM "Lotus zyra, hands down." - Onan the Man99 "Lotus one looks so beautiful..." - QTPie Bambi "Death Blossom Zyra PLEASE PLEASE OMG" - iBubbies "definetely the death blossom" - Adrian Francesco "i like deathblossom" - PancakesGomoo "Death blossom NEEDS to be a thing. RIOT PLZ" - Block Hopper "Lotus is absolutely fantastic!" - OblongOtter "Beautiful skin the second one! Zyra really does need a beautiful skin that is less fierce than her others(wildfire/haunted) while still being intimidating and mystical." - Bonzai Snap "Lotus - or rather: Death Blossom." - Fantasy Sniper "I like Lotus i think it fits her better." - ImSeaHorsing "I think she should get a death blossom skin" - Aspynn [Click to see Their Post]( All in all, I highly encourage Riot to make a Death Blossom Zyra because it will be a huge hit and everyone would buy it (and more importantly Riot, you'll get tons of _MONEY_! lmao i had to say that im sorry XD.), and I know I _would_ spend money to get that skin. --- Following Image Made by [JustDuet](
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