The Mischievous Adventures part 378

(Later) {{champion:10}}: "Aww I can't find anyone." {{champion:25}}: "Same, sorry sis I know how much this meant to you." {{champion:10}}: "It's fine...I guess I'll be better prepare when the next one comes up...if it comes up." {{champion:82}}: "Excuse me, ladies." {{champion:25}}: "Huh? What do you want?" {{champion:82}}: "I overheard you talking about making a band for this year's contest." {{champion:10}}: "Yeah, can you help us?" {{champion:82}}: "Actually I can, have you ever heard of Pentakill?" {{champion:10}}: "Oh yeah, that heavy metal band! I think I listen to their songs all the time." {{champion:82}}: "Yes, I was apart it." {{champion:25}}: "What?" {{champion:10}}: "Get out." {{champion:82}}: "And everyone from the band is here in this town." {{champion:25}}: "What!?" {{champion:10}}: "Get out!" {{champion:82}}: "Hehe, what do say? Want to get a band back together?" {{champion:10}}: "Would I!? I mean yes! I can't believe Pentakill wants to help! Oh this is going to be great!" {{champion:82}}: "Well...that depends." {{champion:25}}: "Depends on what?" {{champion:82}}: "You'll see, come on." (Later) {{champion:30}}: "Thank you come again." {{champion:82}}: *Walks in* "Karthus!" {{champion:30}}: "What do you want?" {{champion:82}}: "Well...I want to help this young lady out with her band." {{champion:10}}: "H-H-Hi." {{champion:30}}: "And how does this apply to me?" {{champion:82}}: "I...want to bring the band back together, for the band contest." {{champion:30}}: "...….I'm sorry, what?" {{champion:82}}: "I want to bring the band back together, for the sake of this girl. I seen her wanting to become something more Karthus, and this contest is her only opportunity. So...please, if not for this me then this girl." {{champion:30}}: "...Quinn, I'm going to be out for awhile." {{champion:133}}: "Ok, want me to hold down the fort?" {{champion:30}}: "If you don't mind." {{champion:133}}: "Got it then." {{champion:10}}: "So you're joining!?" {{champion:30}}: "Heh, why not? It could be fun, now what next?" (Later) {{champion:82}}: "....." {{champion:10}}: "Are you ok Mr. Mordekaiser?" {{champion:82}}: "Not...really...this might be more tricky." {{champion:30}}: "Tricky how? Unless this is-....oh god it is." {{champion:82}}: " I go." *Knocks on the door* {{champion:37}}: *Opens* {{champion:82}}: "Hi." {{champion:37}}: *Closes* {{champion:82}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:25}}: "....." {{champion:10}}: "Wait! Sona was apart of Pentakill!?" {{champion:37}}: *Opens the door again* 'Kayle, Morgana...Karthus!? What are you doing with him?' {{champion:10}}: "Mr. Mordekaiser wants to help me make a band for the band contest. I want to get every Pentakill member back together." {{champion:37}}: 'Oh really...' {{champion:82}}: "Sona please, I'm sorry for what happened years ago. You don't have to forgive me, just help this girl." {{champion:37}}: '....Fine, but I'm only doing this for Kayle.' {{champion:82}}: "That's better than nothing I suppose." {{champion:25}}: "Alright then, who's next?" (Later) {{champion:25}}: "Why are we at a cemetery?" {{champion:82}}: "The fellow started to dig graves after we departed, let's just hope he's easier. Hey, Yorick." {{champion:83}}: "Hm? Oh Mordekaiser, Sona, Karthus, how are you?" {{champion:82}} {{champion:30}}: "Good." {{champion:37}}: 'For the most part.' {{champion:83}}: "Now what can I do for you?" {{champion:82}}: "We're getting the band back together." {{champion:83}}: "Oh is that so? Well then I wouldn't mind joining for a little while." {{champion:82}}: "Oh, well thank you old friend." {{champion:83}}: "It's nothing, it's not like I have a grudge against you. Now, Orianna I'm going to be out for awhile." {{champion:61}}: "Ok, want us to hold down the fort?" {{champion:83}}: "If you don't mind." {{champion:61}}: "Ok then, see you later Mr. Yorick." {{champion:150}}: "Ruff!" {{champion:25}}: "Wait isn't that the famous inventor's rob-" {{champion:83}}: "Now then, who are we missing." {{champion:82}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:30}}: "...…" (Later) {{champion:2}}: *Air drums* {{champion:82}}: "Olaf." {{champion:2}}: "Hm?" {{champion:82}}: "We're getting the band back together." {{champion:2}}: "Finally, what took you so long?" {{champion:10}}: "Oh, well that was easy. Well with everyone here, I guess we get ourselves prepared for the contest. {{champion:37}}: 'Sounds perfect.' {{champion:10}}: "Oh and everyone...Thank for this, really." {{champion:82}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:30}}: "Aww." {{champion:37}}: 'Oh thank you sweetie.' {{champion:83}}: "It is a great honor for my old soul to help anew one fulfill their purpose." {{champion:10}}: "Hehe, I guess you can say that."

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