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NOTES: I will Mark Edit dates at the bottom of the post; please leave suggestions and help me organize this post better! If you have some issue you might want to bring up on how this will function please comment and I will answer with my suggestions in an edited version of the post; in order to see if your suggestion has been added; or if your problem has been solved or answered check back; I'll be sure to check this post quite often; and it will be regularly updated until I state otherwise (Regularly meaning checked on about once a day; with maybe a couple days of break in between every other week because of life things) NOTE 2: This is just a SUGGESTION; there are NO specifics EXACTLY; I'm not sure the exact health; or the exact CDs; or damage; or anything of that matter; or how the stats will scale along with the wolf (say like; he only gets a percent of the hunters bonus ad; or bonus health; or something along those lines) Champion Idea: Two Entities; one Together. Lore: Need a sort of in-depth better lore from someone creative; but for now I'm thinking the basic lore falls around like this: The hunter and the dog have a very deep connection; so much so that their souls are intertwined and they know each others every move and thought; They've been through a lot together; and certainly are not afraid of a fight; and despite their souls being intertwined- THEY ARE different entities; they can live without one another; and they have their own personalities. I'd say let the hunter have a more appealing personality; with the wolf/dog being somewhat of a regular wolf/dog being caring and loving; while the hunter has a little more depth to make for it's lack of individuality in a kit to other ADCs; the dog and the hunter are one; YET two; they are meant to be played together; though they can live on their own; IF you're good enough. Hunter: Lower base health then normal AD; and lower end health; while having normal everything else Wolf: Low base damage; Low scaling (needs items); Decent base health; around 650-750 or so; to help with laning a little more; and meh health scaling; to put it's max level health around the typical ADC; and in order to counter this; it would have a decent base movespeed; along with PRETTY GOOD movespeed scaling due to it's lack of mobility spells! Hunter/Dog (or something along those lines; maybe you could enchant the dog with magic of sorts?) combination; Hunters Kit: Passive- Intertwined Souls; Has a Dog companion with his own healthbar; his own mana; and his own set of abilities and passives; ALSO a seperate death timer! Q- Small Roll (Medium-length CD; longer CD at lower ranks; around a 14-13s at rank 1 to a 6-5s cd at max rank) W- On-Hit pasive mark/ passive effect that works with Dog's Q mark/stun (Passive effect halved when controlling dog) E- Control Dog's MOVEMENTS/AUTOS -otherwise it's AI controlled- R- Switch To Dog (Only 1 level of rank) Low Cooldown; around 0.5-1 seconds. (Reason being: The combos of these characters; and the fact that their abilities are sort of lack-luster means there will be lesser cooldowns on their abilities; and a reason to change would be setting up combo's like the dog's stun followed into a roll that sort of half-leaps away from the front-line of the enemy team while the dog MIGHT continue fighting the enemy being a major threat to their well being) Dogs Kit: Passive- Interacts with Hunter W mark when it autos; and gains stat bonuses from hunters items (100% of the stats the hunter buys). Q- Small Stun/ Mark that gives the hunter small bonus damage per auto. (only lasts a few seconds; like 0.5-1.5; and cd is around 12-11s rank 1 to a 7-6s max rank) W- Stat Buff Passive (+10% bonus ad for hunter and dog) E- Control Hunter R- Switch To Hunter Weaknesses: Without one; the other is somewhat incomplete since they have no real suckerpunch abilities; and both have mediocre abilities along with co-responding passives on their W's; so while they can be used independently they aren't that powerful; and the bases of their abilities will be low; since they will be meant to scale for late game; and be powerhouses together. (I can see this character cheesing top lane; but the early game difficulties should settle that right up; as nothing but a cheesy counterpick against certain champions) Strengths: As I said before; these two are powerhouses together; their abilities compliment one another; and they are essentially two champions; if you give one a lead; they will both become an unstoppable force! You may think that this would be an odd balance; and would be fairly weak; but the reason each character only has two abilities is to balance out the power of esentially two regular sized health bars with the same item bonuses from another and having intertwining passives that are active even while not controlling one of the characters; remember however; that the AI controlling your companion won't learn abilities; and won't use abilities the AI will only use autos for the sake of allowing you to combo abilities together in devastating fashion without your AI wasting potential combo/kiting potential. Solved Problems: XP: Both the Wolf and the Hunter have individual levels; but they wouldn't take xp share disadvantages from one another; and only one of them can apply an xp share disadvantage to one person at a time; so you can take them bot lane and the support will still get normal xp; along with those 2 also getting normal xp. Deaths: Since they both have individual re-spawn timers; they both count as ONE FULL KILL. This means you'll have to be quite vigilant with the way you use these two. Recalls: When you press B; BOTH will initiate recall; but you can cancel one of them using a movement command or an auto; like normal; but with your E being a movement command for the other since switching characters will probably cancel recall (probably; but it could be optional) Is there a limit to how far apart they can be?: No; not at all; you could have one gank mid; while the other sits bot; and since you're playing both characters; both your wolf and your archer get an assist! and the item stat bonuses apply to both the wolf and the archer; so I'd say it's fairly balanced; just different! Laning TOO weak with wolf?: Yes and No! The wolf would have to be placed well; as placing it poorly will surely lose you a game; but it will have a decent amount of base health; while the archer has lower base health; so the wolf would be more of a base tank; while the archer has noticeably less health then a normal adc (though not too little); and as I said before; base damage on both of these characters would be decently low; aside from the archers autos. Yes I understand this character is very niche-y; it would be a hell of a lot to implement; there'd be a lot of bugs; and a lot of balancing going on between this champion's laning and late game; to make it half-viable in most circumstances; but there are ways around it; most of the problems I envision with this character would happen in laning and would just require a lot of tweaking.
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