Ahri the last of the vastayasha'rei?

Between The Elder Scrolls' Dwarves and Runeterra's ancient race the Vastayasha'rei mysterious disappearances', I've come to realize that maybe Ahri is the last of the vastayasha'rei. She is both powerful and ancient and is known to keep to herself unless in need of energy. There is a possibility that she is a first generation of vastaya, because she does have problems controlling her shape unless certain requirements are maintained. Maybe the tokens her family left her represent a past time that will unlock more questions in the days to come. > Abandoned in the snowy woods of northern Ionia, Ahri knew nothing of her original family save the token they left her: a pair of matching gemstones. Ahri seems to be an adventurer who is on a quest to discover more of her people, but has she ever even left Ionia? I also want to know if she first transformed into the NINE tailed fox, or did she develop her tails (usually 1, then 3, then 9) as she consumed more memories? I may have been falling asleep when these dots connected but, if anyone has stories about kitsune good or bad to share (league of legends or non league of legends related) leave them here, i'd be more than ecstatic to read them...
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