Quinn Rework rough concept

So with the current Quinn, a large portion of the player base claims valor is under deployed compared to release Quinn and doesn't feel like a tag team. My concept doesn't really cover that well but rather makes them act as almost two separate entities tied to one player. Valor details I've separate Valor as I said earlier to be more of a untargetable "support" similar to Yuumi but without the attachment concept. Valor in this forms flies high above the battlefield, providing vision and marking vulnerable units, only diving down to create openings, block damage, or cause general annoyance. Having control of basically a moving vision ward that can use abilities globally is likely overpowered but this is a rough concept so...a final concept might remove most of the details about Valor as noted below >350 Vision Radius Only targetable on ground level and returns to skies 1 second after action completed on ground Intercepts projectiles and take 1 damage per hit (1 per 3 seconds from DoT) Recovers 1 HP per 12 seconds, doubled if HP depleted completely Marks an area as his territory after a short delay without commands and orbits it Stealth units that enter his territory become revealed after 2 seconds in it Position is revealed by a shadow Uses vector based targeting for most abilities Passive - Harrier Valor periodically marks units in his territory and nearby crowd controlled units as vulnerable for 2 seconds. Targets marked take increased damage from next champion hit. Quinn will have a guaranteed critical strike against marked targets. >Generally the same but now centered around where Valor is and works with allies. Uses a more reasonable sense of being vulnerable-being crowd controlled or randomly to simulate having an opening Duration wise, should be linked to crowd control, otherwise a brief duration Q - Blinding Assault Quinn Sprays a flurry of bolts in a wide cone in front of her blinding targets briefly and stopping any dashes towards her. Valor Dives toward target direction stopping at the first unit hit and rakes them with his claws blinding and damaging them over 1 second. >As I wanted Valor to feel like separate entity, they both needed a part, ideally a tag team should function better if they both focus on the same target but at this time, focus is on whether or not their kits stand alone well W - Take the Lead Quinn Calls Valor to orbit her position granting increased vision radius and attack range Valor Alerts Quinn to follow Valor and auto attack targets he chooses. Quinn is ghosted, gains increased movement speed and ignores all other targets. >This is mostly so players can focus on controlling one of them as a leader and acts as a toggle that wears off upon switching I had hoped this would give the feel of a tag team in that one supports the other E - Vault Quinn Jumps towards target direction. If Quinn encounters a unit, she will flip backwards off them briefly stunning and knocking them back if they are an enemy. Valor Dives toward target direction slashing units in the way with his wings. >Just a generic addition with Valor, Quinn gains free movement as opposed to targeted. R - Q/V Toggles between Quinn and Valor. Passive: Quinn - Gains camouflage after standing still near a wall for 1.5 seconds while Valor is controlled. Valor - Gains additional HP per rank >The couple are unified as Ranger Knights so it would make sense to adapt scout like tendencies for Quinn in the form of camouflage Valor is intended to be able to take damage at this time If you have questions on clarity, feel free to ask, I might update this in the near future, but we will see how it goes.
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