~*Cosmic Twilight Zoe*~ Skin Concept

Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Soooo, i had a spark of an Idea while i was avoiding sleep, and i did a bunch of doodles and had a bunch of ideas for a skin concept inspired by a few different things but MAINLY the cosmic skin line (which Zoe would fit easily into this skin line lol) but yeah these are some ideas i had for what a skin like this could be, (Keep in mind i'm not that good at drawing ;w; and i was tired and inspired LOL and these are just poop lil doodles and sketches i did of what it can be, since i don't have a drawing tablet or cintiqe or anything cuz i'm broke af LOL but yeee i hope you like it ;w; ahhhhh) Sooo the Idea was basically that she'd be a mix of the Sun AND the Moon in one instead of just dusk or dawn like Rakan and Xayah, So the ideas came up of having this super cute long thick twin braids that float upward at the tips from the charm things at the ends of her Braids resembling a Crescent bubble like thing and a Sun bubble like thing lol, Inspired by Caitlins Design from Pokemon https://imgur.com/a/hyFJz I Loved this idea because i thought it's Look SUPER cute on Zoe while the hair would move in a similar way as her normal hair does~ defying gravity and what not, but floating higher at the tips where the Charms are~ the moon i imagined being a Pale bluish color with purple undertones and the Sun more Yellow and Orange, OKAY SO Appearance, The theme of being both Dusk AND Dawn just sounded rly cool to me and i imagined this looking SUPER COOL AND CUTE IN GAME but i don't have the skills or the drawing tablet or anything to do the good art like when people draw champs standing on the rift, BUT I CAN IMAGINE IT BEING THE CUTEST THING EVER ;W; so sad it's almost impossible for me to show off what i'm imagining :c i lack the skills lol Her hair color could be 2 shades at both pigtails(but peach at the base?) being cosmic blue at the moon one like Xayahs skins wings, and The other braid with the sun being the shade on Rakan's wings maybe with the same particle effects in the hair as in the wings :D I also imagined her having perhaps SOME sort of hair or head accessory but i decided on a forehead emblem similar to Dianas but representing a crescent AND a sun combined, (with seems to be the main theme of this skin being that symbol lol) Then her Eyes can be one Orangy yellow and one Bluish Purple with sparkles in them >w< Her Necklace in this skin would be the sumbol as stated before with the orb in the middle being like the one in her classic :D but glows red~ or maybe half red and half dark bluish Her outfit it's really difficult for me to make cuz i'm having a hard time making armor look nice and i'd have to sit down and try different ideas for a while and draw them out on a zoe body model to see how it'd look but i threw some stuff together quickly thinking just to get my doodle to have SOME form of base outfit concept idea, drawing inspiration from the pre existing cosmic skins in a way, but making it a lil more "Zoe ish" LOLOL uhhh SO HERES SOME DOODLES and i'll tell you how i imagined the abilities as well :D https://imgur.com/a/qG6UV https://imgur.com/a/6YaOO(This ones a bit inaccurate because the Charms at the end of the pigtails should be making the pigtails float upward at the ends) https://imgur.com/a/RcCjl https://imgur.com/a/uV5vj https://imgur.com/a/4P7fV ABILITIESSS~ Passive- Makes a swirled beam of dawn and dusk colors https://imgur.com/a/8JVMV Q- Shoots a swirling sun and moon that burst with sparkles of orange and blue~ Paddle is replaced for a sling shot made of connected stars https://imgur.com/a/8BWcN W- When the spell drops there's a faded sun/moon symbol underneath the spell flashing, The balloons have the symbol on it and are the dusk and dawn colors with sparkles, the 3 missiles from using an ability are randomly either a crescent or a sun the shoot off in a swirl~ https://imgur.com/a/yKnqn E-Bubble of Cosmic blueish purple and orangish yellow sparkles and space dust that burst with the symbol lingering on the ground~ (also theres a planet ring around the bubble kek, cuz wai not :p https://imgur.com/a/7k8JA R- Portal is on one side Dusk and on the other side Dawn (with a sun symbol on day side and Crescent symbol on the Night) https://imgur.com/a/VJdPh ALSOOO i tried 2 different types of her Idle YoYo & Jump Rope~ https://imgur.com/a/OdK7W Sooo this is what i have ;w; i haven't slept and i stayed up and it's already 12 in the afternoon LMAO okayyy guess i'll be staying up the rest of the day trying to stay awake BUTTT <3 Thank you SO SO SOO much for taking the time to read my post and click on it please if you have any ideas or anything or CC i'd be more than happy to read it <3 :D or if you wanted to take your own spin on drawing it i'd LOVE to see that as well! ^^ Thank you So Much <3 Bai Bai cx {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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