A fix for Yasuo?

Yasuo was supposed to be a melee laner That is strong against ranged champions and meh-Average against melee, and yet he dominates both, so how about as a fix, rework that shield part of his passive and replace it with “takes 15/30/45% reduced damage from ranged auto attacks and projectile” and then fix his windwall so it wouldn’t block things that aren’t projectile like Ornn and Nami Ults and Viktor E (cause if your gonna give him a BS mechanic at least make sure it’s not more BS than it was intended to be god dammit) This way he’d still work as intended to and won’t be a pain in the arse to melee champions that he was never intended to be a problem for... im a Mage main and I’d rather suffer against a champion working as intended who’d force me to learn champions out of my comfort zone than against a broken piece of trash that gives me the middle finger regardless of what I play...
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