Very Small Scale Shaco Rework

I think that {{champion:35}} Shaco's current kit is in decent enough shape that I do not think he is a good candidate for a drastic rework, but there are certain issues in his kit that create frustration for both him and his opponents. For example, the speed at which Shaco deals his damage after appearing out of stealth provides a very small window of time for reaction from the enemy team. Right now, the compromise for the speed at which Shaco deals his damage is that the damage in his kit is kept at a bare minimum that he needs to function so that his low counterplay burst is too weak to be reliable unless he is fed. That creates a frustrating scenario where unfed Shaco players often feels useless because of the high risk and low success when participating in fights, and a fed Shaco is even more frustrating for opponents if they lack options because Shaco can kill without much warning and before they can retaliate. > (P) Backstab: > *QoL: When Backstab is available for use on a nearby enemy champion, show an indicator of the exact area which is considered their back, like Fiora's vitals indicator.* - > (E) Two Shiv Poison: > Cooldown: 12 seconds > Active: Shaco begins juggling shivs for up to 6 seconds. While juggling, Shaco's next two basic attacks will throw shivs at an enhanced range of 500. > Thrown shivs poison enemies hit, causing them to bleed for 50/75/100/125/150 (+50% bonus Attack Damage) (+50% Ability Power) physical damage over 3 seconds and reducing the target's movement speed by 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% for the duration. The poison's damage is increased by up to 50% based on the target's missing health. This E change would better fit the ability's name and would stretch out Shaco's damage pattern in exchange for a higher potential damage output and more opportunities to poke. A Shaco player wanting to totally maximize damage from this ability would need to space out the two hits to refresh the poison DOT for a total of 6 seconds, which is a very long time in League and allows a large window for opponents to retreat, heal, or retaliate. This is also just a generally more interesting and exciting ability to use than the original E and that may be the most important aspect of this change. I feel there are more power fantasies possible for assassins in League of Legends than dealing minimal counterplay 100-0 burst. As a Shaco player, I don't think every fight as Shaco should be an all-in 100-0 assassination attempt. I find it to be more fun to whittle down enemies via multiple hit-and-runs, and then lure them into box traps and ambushes. I think Shaco best fits as a sneaky trickster assassin, relying on mindgames, ambushes, and hit-and-run poke to weaken an opponent before moving in for a cleanup assassination. This change should make it clear to players that Shaco isn't intended to be an instant burst assassin. Here is what I think Shaco's stance is on dealing burst versus torturing his victim with delayed damage: I am not making an argument that there is no room in League to keep some old-fashioned burst assassins, and I think there are cases where it's a good fit. For example, Talon, who provides fair warning for opponents because he is visible when he commits to an assassination attempt and normally only becomes stealthed with his ult after he has already moved in for the kill. I think Shaco doesn't provide enough warning like Talon does for that same full burst playstyle to be acceptable on him, but I think that's fine because he's a better thematic fit as a trickster assassin who also takes pleasure in letting his opponent suffer in a longer, drawn-out fight. This is also a buff for AP Shaco, who has faded out of style lately. I am a fan of AP Shaco, as I feel being able to swap between two distinct playstyles makes him a more interesting champion. Unlike cases like AP Tryndamere, AP Shaco actually makes thematic sense because he is clearly a supernatural and magical being. I think AP is even a better thematic fit for Shaco than it is on certain AP assassins, like Katarina and Akali. AP Shaco can use this new E to poke with {{item:3100}} against an opponent. AD Shaco can similarly apply {{item:3147}} at range with this item, but if he intends to try to burst an opponent, then it's at the cost of giving his opponent warning before he gap-closes on them. Also I should mention that I am imagining that this ability would function with Shaco's ultimate, allowing his clone to throw shivs if Shaco casts E > R. However, the poison can't stack, so it wouldn't usually have any significant improvement to DPS if Shaco and his clone attack the same target. The range could make a difference against a fleeing target. It would also be possible to apply the bleed to up to 4 different targets in a teamfight scenario, which could be situationally quite strong but difficult to pull off. It would also look pretty cool having two juggling Shacos throwing daggers.

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