Quinn (Rework) Concept

It's not perfect. But I feel like taking Quinn in this direction would be awesome. She's underperforming severely and she's one of my favorite champions lorewise and I love her personality. Quinn mains might hate me and flame me but I feel like she was always meant to be somewhat this way. Quinn is now a hyper aggressive roaming melee Assassin. She prioritizes on taking out squishy targets with the help of her companion Valor Passive(P) Harrier: Periodically Valor marks a target as vulnerable. Quinns basic attacks and her Q deal increased damage on vulnerable targets. Cooldown(10@6/8@11/6@16) is decreased by Lethality Every 20 lethality it goes down by 1 second. Bonus Damage(20+level) Behind Enemy Lines(Q): Passive:While in the jungle or beyond the enemy towers. Quinn gains a great deal of movement speed and increased vision. Active: Quinn lunges in target direction, plunging her blade into any enemies she collides with in a straight line, if she hits an enemy champion or neutral monsters she rips the blade back out and damages them a second time. Cooldown(8/7/6/6/5) Damage(30+0.5%AD)/(40+0.6%AD)/(45+0.8%AD)/(50+0.9%AD)/(60+1.0%AD) Valors Shadow(W) Active:Quinn sends Valor to a target location for 5/6/7/8/9 seconds, where he stays and surveys the area. Any enemy champions that enter his range are greeted with a "BACAW" that only them and Quinn can hear. Upon using any skills that involve Valor, he no longer surveys the area but instead returns to Quinn to help her battle. Passive:Quinn gains a burst of movement speed whenever striking a target marked by Harrier Movement Speed(5%/10%/15%/20%/30%) Vault(E): Quinn vaults to target enemy,you can recast during the cast allowing you to hover your mouse in a direction and Quinn will go towards the mouse cursor after displacing the enemy champion, if you choose no direction she will simply vault off of them and mark them with harrier. After using vault Quinns next auto attack is ranged and sends valor out to attack. Cooldown(10/8/6/4/4)(Range 150)(Vault distance is the same as her ranged auto attack) Tag-Team(R)Quinn and Valor team up to take down their foes. Upon activating her ultimate, Valor will fly down and fight at Quinns side for 5/, giving them increased damage and dramatically lowering the cooldown of her Q, E and her passive. Allowing her and Valor to constantly proc the harrier debuff as well as being slippery to catch from those pesky Noxians. If she activates Tag-Team again or when it's duration ends the last enemy struck will be dealt damage based upon their HP by Valor as he uses Skystrike before returning to the air. Cooldown(90/80/60)
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