[CCOS] January results, at long last!

http://pa1.narvii.com/5803/89cd27f95c2d41c79636a5c16b5b25f1a58b5fb4_hq.gif Finally, finally, I know and I'm sorry about all the complications. But we're here at last! Results in hand and an immense amount of gratitude towards: **Flintfall** for being the ONLY judge this month to make it all the way through the *highest word count CCOS to date* (not counting myself of course, I'm implied). Seriously, did you all get together and plot to release some of the densest posts this month to stress test the CCOS? (If you did it worked, let me tell you!) But all that aside I will delay no further! >#The winner of the January CCOS is...... #Kalalipan, Kumungu's Plague by BowieTheNifty at 177/200 points (88.5%), Congratulations!! >#Runner ups |Place|Concept|Author|Score| |- | 2 | Waryen, The Owl Sage | Gemini333 | 161/200 (80.5%) | | 3 | Kaalia, The Yordle Flower Girl | Raptemei | 160/200 (80.0%) | | 4 | Scorn, The Infused | Candurill | 153/200 (76.5%) | | 5 | Nathanial, The Maverick Guardian | Echoing | 151/200 (75.5%) | | 5 | Wikken, The Possesor of Souls | SkrillRKnight | 151/200 (75.5%) | >#Looking up your score Step 1) Open up the nexus score sheet [HERE](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-IrPV0FFP-Gd5ZuM8lin8jg_dinRJNn-dSDn3qn77js/edit?usp=sharing) (Give a little time to load once you're in) Step 2) If wanted check out the 'Overview' Tab (the one you enter on) to see your score compared to the others. Step 3) Find your concept name in a tab below (you may need to hit the right arrow on the bottom right a few times. Step 4) Look around at the feedback and scores given on your concept * NOTE: Due to technical difficulties I won't go into (it's never just one thing that breaks is it?) the feedback will be trickling in on this sheet, so if you don't see feedback on your concept I promise it will be there eventually. Everyone got decent amounts of feedback so look forward to that! >#CCOS Breaking news! Alright so with this month's disruption, me switching ISP's (this has not been my first tussle with them) over the next month and general everything slamming me at once I am going to be **merging February into the March CCOS**. What this means is that there will be **no Febuary CCOS** but the **March CCOS will take Febuary concepts**. This will give me time to stabilize all the things that broke this past month as well as getting to an important stage in the CCOS. Firstly: Details on March CCOS.... * Febuary entries will be taken * only **20** slots will be available so it will fill up quickly. BE READY. * The entry post will be up NOON Eastern Standard Time give or take only a few minutes, and I will be posting regular reminders. So no one should have an excuse to miss this time crunch. Secondly I have an important announcement that I will not be advertising heavily: I will be stepping down as CCOS host by the end of May. Reason being is I will be graduating college and moving on to a full-time job. And while I'm excited for that, I doubt I will have enough time to keep up with this in the coming year. I hate to leave at this time since we have so many things in the works from volunteer artists to yearly competitions but I'd rather leave the CCOS in more focused hands and see it continue on than die a slow death when I stumble with time. So, that being said if you are interested in taking my place, getting all the tools and the responsiblity of CCOS host. I will be looking at ONLY those who have FINISHED judging a month of the CCOS as candidates and naturally only those who are interested in stepping up. So if you are interested in continuing the CCOS and haven't judged you have been officially warned. That's about it, I know you guys will probably have questions on the above bits of news but save those questions for later I'll be making seperate posts on that later this week. THIS post is about the winners of the january CCOS so give them a hand and a congratulations as well as a thank you to Flintfall for being one badass judge. ># Judges! It's never too early to ask to be a CCOS judge for the next month! E-mail me at 'arma.malum@gmail.com' with your IGN and I can tell you your chances are very good. It's a lot of time to ask from you, but it's a serious boon to both me and everyone who enters!

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