Unique Items, Concept Idea to bring the Lore into each match.

> Create an item unique to each Champion that has its concept based on the Lore and "Kit" of the Champion. Of course this could be meme'd as well, a Unique item shaped as a Banana for Soraka that's called "Starchild." A mid to late game item that reduces the cooldown of her Ultimate by a few percent, or for example, increases the size of her silence circle from the 50 unit radius to 100. This concept idea is for Unique Items to the game that are designed for each champion. Awhile back there was patches and updates to "railroad" the game's item build, to hinder troll builds and picks, and to make things less and less viable. This is another tactic the dev team can use to do just that, as well as providing one-trick players, and those new to champions, the desired tweaks and buff's where they're needed most without seeing the drastic changes and over-powered abilities at level 1. An introduction to a single, unique, item for each Champion provides a milestone and power spike for builds as well as guide for new players to understand the strengths and weakness of their champion. A small tweak to an item can provide the dev team valuable information on each champion where it lacks and falls behind, most importantly champions created years ago that have not "seen the love" of Riot Games. ~~Skins are nice, but Locket is better.~~ These items would be good for mid to late game, providing that power spike for the 20-30 minute mark when you max your ultimate. So some Examples! "Star Child" for Soraka, A Banana shaped item that reduces her Ultimate cool down by 2.5% per Ally healed "Star's Core" for Aurelion Sol, A chunk of a star's core that removes the Mana cost of Celestial Expansion and spins them in a different/expanding pattern. "A Match" for Annie, A match/lighter that increases the cone size of her Incinerate spell. "Yordle's Terror" for Viegar, An Iron Gauntlet shaped item that creates a Pillar inside his Event Horizon. While this does sound like a page taken from Vicktor, and his ability to upgrade his spells, it would make more sense from a "Fantasy" standpoint that Champions such as these would find/make/or have made for them unique items that increase their abilities and/or powers rather than the same concepts and builds for AP and AD, Bruiser and Tank. While not giving the item more than two or three affixes, keeping the items viable, they wouldn't give Deathcap ability power or IE damage. Thanks for taking the time and reading.
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