Al'zul[Chamion Concept]

Al’zul is a mage summoning Drath(lesser, minion creatures) in many situations. The Drath and the big show of Al’zul, and his primary source of damage. Without his Drath he is weaker than Olimar without his Pikmin. Al’zul is a lost creature, with only the Drath as it's family. They are a ranged caster, bolting down their enemies behind a wall of minions. There are two types of Drath, one being a simple ranged attacker, dealing magic damage, and the other being slightly shorter ranged and dealing Area of Effect Damage over Time by hammering the ground with fiery space bits, dealing mixed damage(Physical on hit, True DOT). Passive: Upon reaching 30%max HP, summon 2/3/4 simple Drath and 3/4/5 Fiery space bits Drath on levels 1/7/13. Drath summoned by this effect can exceed the limit, but no new Drath may be summoned by any means including this passive, until the Drath count is below the limit. 240 second cooldown. Al’zul may have 3+1 x Lv Drath with a max of 18. So the max stops increasing at level 15. Upon taking 10%max HP in one hit, summon an extra simple Drath with the next ability within 5 seconds. No cooldown. Drath that are far away(roughly sight range) will lose health rapidly. **Upon being hit by a tower, Drath die.** Q: Bring all of your Drath to you. 20/19/18/17/16 second cooldown Passive: Drath AOE duration=2/3/4/5/6seconds W: Summon 1/1/2/2/3 simple Drath and 0/1/1/2/2 Fiery space bits Drath at your selected location. Drath Stats: Simple Drath: HP=125/230/335/440/545+100%AP Attacks=15%AP AS(Attack Speed)=100%AS Fiery space bits Drath: HP=100/175/250/325/400+65%AP Attacks=20+13%AP/sec+10+13%AP/sec for 2 seconds(or until the AOE is done) after leaving the AOE AS(attack speed)=20%AS E: Destroy a Drath, you next auto attack will deal bonus magic damage based on how much HP the Drath you killed had remaining(75/77.5/80/82.5/85%Drath HP). Deals 1% less damage for each Drath you have around. Passive: each enemy unit you kill will summon a simple Drath(10/9.5/9/8.5/8 second cooldown) Passive: Simple Drath Attacks do 25/75/125/175/225 bonus magic damage R: Fire a meteor shower at an area of the map over 5 seconds. All enemies hit by this ability will be pushed back, and if they hit a wall, stunned for 1.5 seconds. Each meteor 100/150/200 +20%AP magic damage. 1186 is max AP: The possible Damage follows Q 0+0% of 1186=0DMG W 0+0% of 1186=0DMG E 85% of 1186=1008.12DMG R 200+20% of 1186=437.2DMG Simple Drath Fiery....Drath 6(seconds)13% of 1186+20 x 6=1045.08DMG, at 174.84DMG/sec The possible HP follows Simple Drath 545+1186=1731 Fiery....Drath 400+65% of 1186=1170.6
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