[Skin Concept] Void Zyra

http://i.cubeupload.com/BZ8FTk.png https://cdnb1.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/002/942/125/large/vlad-bacescu-voidzyramockup.jpg Voice Alteration: https://clyp.it/pmwqenbn >***"The harvest is upon us."*** >*Recently, a bizarre series of disappearances has been plaguing the Demacian countryside. Entire families of farmers vanish each night without a trace. Meanwhile, some of the commonfolk have been whispering about the supposed return of a sorceress who also vanished some few months ago while on a mission to seal a dangerous Void rift in the area. Those who claim to have seen her have also said that she is sporting quite the change of apparel: more horrifying Void beast than human. Until these rumors are proven to be true or false, travelers are advised to avoid the area if possible, or, at least, ensure that they are not alone and/or stationary for long periods of time. Something very dangerous may be slithering beneath the thicket.* >**-Bob Nashahago,** ***The Journal of Justice*** Hey, guys! Here's a new skin concept for Zyra. I imagined an alternate fantasy where Zyra(the plant) is a Void creature instead of a sentient plant. I need need neeeeeed Zyra to get a new skin, it's been two years. I draw Zyra everyday. She's so nice. Pleaseeeeeeeee. - **What did you use to make this?** Photoshop CC & an Intuos 5 tablet. - **How long does it take you?** About 3 to 5 days, 3-4 hrs per day. Sometimes I just work 8-10 hrs a day on a single piece when I'm motivated/ need to finish it. - **How'd you make the ingame/ skill mockups?** Painted in Photoshop. The background is a screenshot from the Rift. - **What's your favourite champion?** I like Janna and Bard a lot. Thanks for reading! Hope you like my idea and if you have any tips on this, please drop them on me. Cheers c:

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