Septimius, the Golden Gambler

"Let's play fair and square" Apparence: Septimius is a very tall and muscular man with slicked-back blonde hair who wears an elegant black suit and pants with golden cuff links. He wears a golden necklace, has a golden tooth and wears gold oxford shoes. His eyes are green and usually covered by sunglasses. In-client Lore: Once a poor man from Zaun's district, Septimius gained wealth and fame by cheating in a casino. With his newfound money, he enslaved the ones who tortured him before and gained control of the casino itself. He now controls every casino in Zaun and Piltover, wishing to gain even more money. And more power. Lore: He was poor. He had nothing. So he was nothing. Septimius was born as the only child of a worker couple. His mother quickly died to fumes-poisoning, leaving his father to 24 hours work and him alone. Soon a 12 years old Septimius was forced to start working in a mine. After ten long years, his work has still no end. An hopeless Septimius spent every day working and trying his luck in a casino run by a Chem-Baron. But he didn't win. He lost every time. He always loses, as a loser. One day he noticed something. He saw something. The cards had different colors at the corners, the roulette spinned in a strange patter. He saw the code. He saw the cheats, and decided to use them. He won every single game he could and, when the Baron discovered that he knew the cheats, it was too late. Septimius had the economic power to bought his lackeys and turn them agaisnt him. He finally had something. He finally is something. But that was not enought. Soon, many more Casinos came into his hands, living him more money and more power. Thanks to Hextech, he finally managed to heal his pains from work and power up himself. Now his tentacles controls every Casino in Zaun, and even Piltover isn’t too far from his control. Now he have almost everything. Now he IS almost everything. But he wants more. And he won’t stop. Gameplay: Septimius is a control mage. His theme is to appear as a gambler, but actually he cheats with every spells, trying to win no matter what. He excels at dealing with single target carry composition (thanks to his All-In ) while he suffers against multiples divers and a lack of moblity. He also suffers heavily when behind. Passive: Money is Power: Septimius gains AP equal to 1/3/7% of his Gold (caps at 100 AP) His passive is a symbol of his greed. Is also one of the reason why he suffers being behind (his AP scaling are low for that reason). The cap is mandatory, otherwise Septimius comp would just stall until he became a stronger Veigar. Q: Zaunitian Roulette: Septimius summons a roulette in the indicated area for 3 seconds , Enemies 250 units behind the roulette take 30/40/50/80/97(+10/15/20/25/30% AP) damage every second and are slowed by 25/26/27/28/37%. Enemies 250 units in front of the roulette take 17% more damage, but aren’t slowed. (Cost: 50 mana. Cooldown: 12/12/11/10/9/8. Range 700 units) Zaunitian Roulette is Septimius’s main wavelcear ability. It can also be used as a gank help or a san escape. Also it works as a zoning tool. According to Septimius the red pockets deal more damage, while the black slow. Actually the zones are scripted by Septimius himself. W: Coinfilp: Septimius select a 100 units circle target area. After 0.77 seconds, a coin land on it. Enemies hit by the coin take 40/50/60/80/107 damage (+40%AP), Those closer less than 350 units to Septimius are stunned for 1.1/1.3/1.5/1.6/2 seconds, those more distant take instead 20% more damage. (Cost: 80/90/100/110/127 mana. Cooldown: 10 seconds: Range 700 units) Coinflip is the CC ability/main nuke of Septimius. Is also his only hard cc, so missing it would make him heavy vulnerable. When the coin stuns, the head would land. When the coin deals more damage, the tail would land. The cheating part is symbolized by the throw. According to his voicelines, Septimius doesn’t control the coin, but in fact it’s the opposite E: Blackjack: Septimius throw a purple card in a target direction, stopping at the first enemy hit. Enemies take 70/100/150/180/200(+30/40/50/60/77% AP) damage. Every time Septimius throws the seventh card, it will be a black one. Enemy Champions hit by the black card are revelaed for 1.5 seconds and take 5/10/15/20/27% less gold for the duration. Each gold stolen from the enemy will be given to Septimius. Enemies can’t see if the card is the black one. (Cost: 77/88/99/111/122 mana. Cooldown 15/15/14/13/12 seconds. Projectile size: 50 units. Project speed 1000. Project range 600 units) This is Septimius’s main damage source. It’s a single bullet that deals heavy damage and also give more money according to the enemy. Like every other spell, this one is also rigged: Septimius shouldn’t know which card is the Blackjack. R: All-In.Passive: Septimius deals more damage the higher is the enemy’s bounty level. Tier 0-1: 0% 2: 10% 3: 11% 4: 12% 5: 13% 6: 16% 7: 17% 8+: 20% Active: Septimius marks an enemy champions, declaring that he will eliminate him. For the next 3/5/7 seconds, the enemy champion gain a tier 2/3/4 bounty (if he already has a bounty, the value is increate by one tier) and All In’s passive apply to all aillies of Septimius. If the target champion is slain Septimius gain bonus gold equal to the bounty. If the champion survives the whole duration, Septimius gains the Broken debuff and can’t buy items and increase his gold unless he pay a value equal to 100%/150%/200% of the bounty. The value is directly subtracted by his own gold (Cost: 200 mana. Cooldown 180/150/120 seconds. Range 500 units). All-in is an insane tool. He can skyrocket Septimius’s gold and give an huge damage buff to his whole team. Like the name said, he goes all in with this Ultimate: failing to do that will stop his gold generation, his passive and his chance to be useful in the game. STATS: Health: 534-2132 Health regen: 5.5-15.7 Armor:20-74 Magic Resist: 30-38 Mana: 420-777 Mana Regen: 10-25 Attack Damage: 47-107 Attack speed: 0.647 (+ 0 – 25.5%) Crit damage: 200% Range: 575 Range Type: Ranged Movement Speed: 335 Quotes: Picked: “Let’s play fair and square!” Banned:“Tsk, NO ONE puts me out of my Casinos” Joke 1: (Septimius shows his and, revealing a card failing from his sleeve): “Me? I never chea….that is not mine!” Joke 2: “I’ve searched this jacket for eleven oceans! I didn’t now he left something!” Taunt 1: (Septimius throws a coin in his hand, covering the result) “You will lose, wanna bet? Taunt 2: “The odds are not in you favor, but I never let someone refuse a good gamble!” Meet Caitlyn: “How much for your daddy’s rifle?” Meet Vi: “Let’s bet. I’ll tell you who you are if you can win one of my games!” Meet Jayce: “When you were young you spent more than a penny in my casinos. Why don’t come again?” Meet Ezreal: “Nice glove, kiddo. Wanna bet it with your’s location?” Meet Warwick: “C’om on puppy, once you were a veeery good henchman. Now you’re just a very bad boy”. Meet Priest champion (Illaoi, Aphelios, Diana, Leona): “We both follow some faith. But I can control it” Meet Piltoverian/Zaunitian: “Oh, welcome back! Your usual table?” Taunt Caitlyn: “Law knee before my power. Just follow it and fall under me!” Taunt Vi: “No wonder why your dad left you. What a lack of elegance!” Taunt Jayce: “Guess what will happen if someone remember about your glorious money days. Don’t make me do that.” Taunt Ezreal: “A spoiled brat should just stay home with his...oh, yeah…” Taunt Warwick: “I will make you remember why you worked UNDER me and not AGAINST me” Taunt Priest champion: “Your god is weak compared to mine. No one can beat Lady Luck!” Joke Response: “Please, the stand-up comedians can send me their jokes ONLY on Tuesday” Taunt Response: “Bold words from someone who is going to lose everything” Playing Zaunitian Roulette: “The red hurts, the black slows. Where you will end?” Playing Coinflip: “Head of Tails? Simple, no cheat and no rush!” Playing Blackjack: “Will this card be the bad one? The Lady Luck will decide for you!” Playing All-in 1: “Show you cards!” Playing All-in 2: “I bet on your death!” Winning All-in 1: “Just as always.” Winning All-in 2: “A gambler always know how to get Lady Luck’s love!” Losing All-in 1: “Impossible…CHEATER!” Losing All-in 2: “HOW CAN YOU DO THAT! YOU CAN’T WIN IN MY GAME!” Killing Caitlyn: “You can beat the law, you can’t beat the House!” Killing Vi: “How tragic! You could be a beatiful bunny girl!” Killing Jayce; “The bigger they are, the higher they spend.” Killing Ezreal: “Kids shouldn’t stay in a casino. They can’t handle the pressure.” Killing Warwick: “You were a good henchmen, now you are a good fur for my lovers.” Killing Priest champion: “Betting against the Lady Luck is unwise ever for a fanatic.” Killing Piltoverian/Zaunitian: “Always the most affectionate goes away…” Meeting a Champ (generic): • “A new face? Welcome to my Casino!” • “Welcome to the Seven Lucky Stars!” • “Let your spirit and money prepare!” • “Everyone is excepted here! Except cheater.” Attacking (generic): • “Cheaters aren’t allowed here!” • “Let’s make the competition spicier!” • “I wanna bet something more than money!” • “It’s Showtime!” Killing (generic): • “You could be a great customer.” • “What a waste of money.” • “You lose your bet.” • “The loser has no right here.” • “You lost the game!” • “You can’t beat the toughest of the toughest and the smartest of the smartest!” Dying (Septimius falls on his knee, a bag of coin into his hands. Than he falls down, letting the bag fall on the ground) • “It can’t be…” • “NOOOOOOOOOO!” • “I can’t die, I’m too rich for that!” • “Please, let me liv...” Moving (generic): • “Let’s go.” • “I bet this would be fun…” • “Where I go, money follows me.” • “I want only a room worth of my money.” • “Play MY game.” • “No matter where, I will find my casinos” • “I hope it’s fast, I still have to do my moneybath.” • “Every second wasted is a penny i could gain.”
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