Katana user champion concept, Makoto

A katana user, most likely just a flashy solo laner assassin. I'd want the launch skin to be something like a blue version of Sentai Genji from Overwatch. (inspired by the blue power ranger) All skills would be subjective to change, especially the passive. But it's just to give an idea for a concept. ------------------- P. Makoto's auto attacks deal magic damage instead of physical. Crit items such as Stormrazor convert crit into magical crit damage. Q. Horizontal slash that causes anything hit in the cone to bleed for 3 seconds. W. Drop into shadow stance to turn Q or E into slightly different abilities (Makoto will get into a stance ready to draw sword) Using W resets Q and E. Makoto also gains circle of swords. (spinning swords surround her. if anyone touches the swords they take magic damage and Makoto receives a shield) (Q. Horizontal strike sends out slash wave (similar to Riven's wind slash on ult) Everything hit by the slash wave thing bleeds for 3 seconds) (E. Leave blurry image of yourself behind while you blink forward and attack then quickly return. Can Q when doing this) E. Activate to quickly dash to every bleeding target. (like a non invincible version of Yi's Q but no limit on targets) R. Makoto channels in stance for 1 second then disappears. She then reappears at target location in large straight line in slashing motion-sheathing her sword causing everything hit in the line to bleed for 3 seconds. --------------------
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