Axe of Darius - Updated design | 3D Fan art

Axe of Darius | Fan Art - League Of Legends, Nikola Reko
This is my attempt to create a highly detailed model of axe of Darius, the hand of Noxus! Goal - Make it rough! It probably has seen lots of battles.. It was done by the concept art that can be found among the numerous other images of League of Legends Universe.
Hey hey everyone Soo.. lately I kinda ended up spending less time in-game.. but since I do like the art and lore I've decided to shift my focus! The updated version of axe of Darius, visible on the Universe/Map of Runeterra This one: And this is my visualization of the given picture It's not the same as the in-game model or the one visible in the "A New Dawn" cinematic. That one is more of "WoW" type of design haha Guess Darius is up for updating with some rough Noxian aesthetics! This was my first serious 3D project. Hard to make it with a single projection.. what a guessing game that was Anyways, next project gonna be madness xd If you have any suggestions, do spam it below haha
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