The Mischievous Adventures part 306

(Later) {{champion:240}}: *Eats a biscuit* "You know, they don't make treats like they used to now a days." {{champion:18}}: "Really? How were they in the old days?" {{champion:240}}: "Terrible." {{champion:18}}: "Oh." {{champion:240}}: "But the good kind of terrible, like it's nostagicl, no nostigc, no nost-" {{champion:18}}: "Nostalgic?" {{champion:240}}: "That word, yeah! Yep old times were a good kind of terrible. I miss them,...actually it reminds me when I killed my first rabbit." {{champion:18}}: "Um...How did you kill it?" {{champion:240}}: "Oh I shot it in the head, but somehow the little fellow survived. So I snap it's neck real good." {{champion:18}}: *Almost throws up* "Cool..." {{champion:240}}: "Yep...actually do you want try my shotgun? Since you gave me the biscuits and all." {{champion:18}}: "Um....sure." {{champion:240}}: "Good, now shot those beer bottle." {{champion:18}}: "Ok..." *Fires and hits all beer bottles* {{champion:240}}: "YEEHA!! Well shot me died and call me Billy, nice shooting kid! Hahahaaha!" {{champion:18}}: "Well thanks...I guess."
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