Nyharl'Kolan, The Void Infestator

Nyharl'Kolan, The Void Infestator Role: Mage Lane: Mid **Stats**: Health per level: 537 – 2016 **Attack Damage**: 55 – 106 **Healt Regen**: 6 – 16.2 **Attack Speed**: 0.625 **Mana**: 375 – 842.5 **Armor**: 22– 80.5 **Mana Regen**: 8 – 21.6 **Magic Resist**: 30 – 38.5 **Range**: 500 **Movment Speed**: 335 **Appearance**: Nyharl'Kolan is a tall man-like figure, wrapped in a dark cloack. Only his head is visible, a gray head with long, dark hair. He has dark blue eyes with egypt-like motiv and always shows a terrifing smile on his face. At his feet, dark tentacles crawl from himself, acting as his main movement tools. **Lore**:"There was the Void. And from the Void, he came here. No one knows how, where or why he came here. But he came. Someone wrote about him in an old Ichatian book: they told about his figure, about his guides, about his preaches. Just before their fall. Someone painted him near Mordekaiser's court, in his tiranny. His aura, his iconic posture, his dark-haired pupil. Just before the Black Rose's betrayal. And now he is in front of me. I can hear his voice. I can hear his advice. I can hear the call of the Void. " Malzahar 's notes. **_Ability_**: **Passive**: _The call of Ultair_ Every time an unit die near Nyharl'Kolan, he regen mana equal to 0.5% of the unit's max health. **Q**: _The Dunwich Horror_ _Range_: 600 _Cooldown_: 8/7/6.5/6.2/6 _Mana cost_: 80/85/90/92/95 Nyharl'Kolan trowh a dark lighting bolt at the pointed location, dealing 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+ 65% AP) magic dagame to the first enemy hit. If this hit an enemy, the bolt divides in 4 different bolts which spread in a cross-shape form, dealing each of them half damage of the first one. Each enemy can be hit only by one bolt at the time. Projectile speed is the same as Lissandra's q **W**: _Hypnos_ _Range_: 300 _Cooldown_: 12/12/11.5/11/10 _Mana cost_: 110 Nyharl'Kolan whispers the Void's advices to an enemy champion, damaging him for 70/80/90/100/110 (+30% AP) magic damage. If the enemy champion stay inside Nyharl'Kolan's vision for 2 seconds, he is rooted for 1/1.2/1.3/1.5/1.7 seconds and take additional 40/50/60/70/80(+20% AP) magic damage **E**: _Polaris_ _Range_: 500 _Cooldown_: 10 _Mana cost_: 100/110/120/130/140/150 Nyharl'Kolan light a 100 range zone with Void Energy for 4/4/4.5/4.5/5 seconds, dealing 30/40/50/60/80(+50% AP) magic damage every 0.5 seconds to every enemy in the area. Enemy hit by the Polaris are revealed for 1.5 seconds after the last hit. **R**: _The Unnamable_ _Range_: 450 _Cooldown_: 200/180/150 _Mana cost_: 300 First Cast: Nhyarl'Kolan marks the targeted allied tower, granting her 40 armor and magic resist bonus for 60/80/120 seconds. Second Cast: Nhyarl'Kolan summons a Monolyth at the target location. The Monolyth has 5000 health, deals 100/200/300 (+30% AP) magic damage but doesn't have plates, Fortification, Penetrating Bullets, Reinforced Armor and Warden's Eye. Last 30/40/50 seconds. Destroying the marked tower doesn't end the effect. Cooldown starts when the Monolyth is destroyed. Destroing the Monolyth grants 150 gold to the one who destroys it, if ends by cooldown no one gets gold. **When Picked**: "_Oh, how fortunate of you_" **When Banned**: "_Funny to think you decision matters_.." **Game Start**: "_This will be nothing but a simple, tiny, minuscole step for us._" **Meet Malzahar**: "_Continue follow my advice. You'll reach the truth_" **Meet Kassadin**: "_Foolish human. Why you try fighting something you can't understand?_" **Meet Kai'sa**: "_You can hear our whispers. You know what we can do. Don't resist and join us_." **Meet Ichatian**: "_We didn't destroyed your city. You just were unable to understand how it's done..._" **Meet Darkin**: "_You knew We were right. Finally you choose the right side_" **Meet Ascendent**: "_After all this time, you still want to die in a unwinnable war?_" **Meet Voidspawn**: "_Phyvoc'thun, m'lvachk_" (traslation for "bow to me, inferior one") **Kill Malzahar**: "_His mind wasn't enought for our vision_" **Kill Kassadin**: "_Such strong will. Usless as a grain of sand in the desert_" **Kill Kai'sa**: "_See? Even with a glimpse of our power, they still can't do anything_" **Kill Ichatian**: "_Why every Ichatian wants to kill himself?_" **Kill Darkin**: "_This lesson was teached many times. And you still don't understand_" **Kill Ascended**: "_The strongest light fades compared to the Void_" **Kill Voidspawn**: "M'lvachk phvynelff!" (traslation for "foolish inferior one") **Die**: "_Just a meaningless victory...._" **Respawn**: "_They tought they won...Delightful_" **Joke**: Create a lighting beam between his fingers, than a zap hit him. "_Awh...Why the istruction are written in an human language?_" **Taunt**: Nyharl'Kolan raise his hands, while dark energy comes from his legs. "_Hear my whisper. Know the truth_." **Joke response**: "_Every man laughts before their demise_" **Taunt response**: "_Why should I care about the cry of inferior being?_" **Use Ultimate**: "_Behold a glimpse of what WE are_" **Use Ultimate**: "_Phvitu'm gwerakvo!_" (Traslation for "Rise, sign of Us!")
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