A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 3

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _Little Big Paper_** {{champion:150}} "What's going on, where am I?" {{champion:26}} "Runeterra. Or as the rest of the omniverse call it, the orb of dreamers." {{champion:150}} "Haha, what? There is no way the rest of existence gave us a name that positive." {{champion:26}} "The occupants of which spend so much time asleep and dreaming. Their vast imaginations humming away, charged with creative energy." {{champion:150}} "Buddy, what are you smoking? That doesn't even come close to describing the hellhole that is Runeterra." {{champion:26}} "Where does it all go? Up, through a Cerebrum-bilical cord. Where it collects and melds, with all the other dreamer's energy." {{champion:150}} "A cerebrum what? I don't think that's a word. Also, I'm starting the get the feeling you aren't listening to me." {{champion:26}} "And something wonderful happens, it forms a world. An ethereal dreamscape of adventure and possibilities. An abstract plain of beautiful wonderment just waiting to be explored." {{champion:150}} "Oh I can assure you, anything born from the screwed up minds of Runeterra's inhabitants is anything but wonderful." {{champion:26}} "And you can go there now." {{champion:150}} "Wait, what? No, I wanna go anywhere but there. HELP, HELP!" _"Blacks out."_ **** {{champion:20}} "I don't know Willump, let's poke it with a stick and see." _"Pokes."_ {{champion:150}} **"AHHH!"** {{champion:20}} _"Backs away quickly."_ "Nope, definitely not dead." _"Willump roars at Corporate Gnar."_ {{champion:150}} **"I'M SORRY, PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!!!"** {{champion:20}} "Back away Willump, I think he's a friend." {{champion:150}} "Yes yes, I am a friend. Wait, you aren't one of those people who eat their friends, are you?" {{champion:20}} "No no, I eat normal things. And Willump only eats his enemies and scary monsters." {{champion:150}} "Now that that's cleared up, where am I?" {{champion:20}} "You are on Paper Planet! It's a whole world created by me and my dad. Everything is made of paper. Except for you, me and my dad." {{champion:150}} "So, why am I here.?" {{champion:20}} "I wanted to know the same thing. Why are you here? How did you get here? Wait, I think I know. You're here to save all of Paper Planet! It's just like in the fairytales. A traveler from a distant land comes and saves everyone." {{champion:150}} "What? No, I am not saving anyone. I don't even wanna be here. Why does everyone think I've come to save them, do I look like the ideal hero to you?" {{champion:20}} _"Willump mumbles something."_ "What's a trope?" {{champion:150}} "Look, I don't care about you, or your Paper Planet. I just want to get back to where I came from. How do I do that?" {{champion:20}} I think my dad made something that lets him visit other worlds." {{champion:150}} "Great, where is he?" {{champion:20}} "He's locked up in that giant paper castle there. One of his creations turned on him and took him there. I was working on a plan to save him when I found you. If we don't save him soon, all of Paper Planet will fall apart." {{champion:150}} "**FOR THE LOVE OF RITO, WHY!?!?!?!?** Fine, let's save your dad so I can go home." {{champion:20}} "Yay! Follow me, I'll show you how we're going to do it." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:112}} "I mean, I guess in retrospect I should have expected one of you to turn on me. I mean, it happens in almost all the stories." {{champion:34}} "I didn't have a choice. You are going to be the death of Paper Planet. It's falling apart, you and I have both seen it. It can't handle meatbags like yourself living here." {{champion:112}} "Yes, everything here is falling apart. But you're wrong about why. I made a mistake when I made this place, I didn't account for how big it would become. I can fix it, but you have to let me go." {{champion:34}} "Let you go, so you can destroy everything even faster? I don't think so. Tell me where you've hidden the book of creation, so I can get rid of you and fix everything." {{champion:112}} I see that trying to reason with you is pointless. Your mind is falling apart, just like the rest of this place." {{champion:34}} "No matter, my birds will find the book. And when they do, I will have no more need for you or your son." _**Meanwhile:**_ {{champion:150}} "So your whole elaborate plan is to take this giant paperball and roll it into the side of the castle." {{champion:20}} "Yep, it's foolproof." {{champion:150}} "And, assuming this works and we actually get into the castle, what do we do then?" {{champion:20}} "Figure it out as we go along. The coolest heroes never have a complete plan." {{champion:150}} "Well, it's not like I have a better idea. **ROLL THE BALL!!!**" {{champion:20}} **"IT'S WORKING, IT'S, GETTING EVEN BIGGER! WE'RE LOSING CONTROL!!!!"** _"The giant paperball crashes into the castle creating a giant hole in its side."_ {{champion:20}} **"WE DID IT! NOW WE CAN SAVE MY-"** _**The hole begins to grow bigger. The whole castle begins to rumble, pieces of paper flying off of it everywhere.**_ {{champion:150}} **"IT'S COMING DOWN, RUN!"** {{champion:20}} **"WILLUMP, GET US OUT OF HERE!"** _"They run away from the castle as it comes crumbling down."_ {{champion:112}} "Well, that wasn't fun. Nunu, did you do this?" {{champion:20}} "I was trying to save you. I didn't mean to bring down the whole thing." {{champion:112}} "It's not your fault, everything is falling apart. You did good. Who's your friend?" {{champion:20}} "It's a strange traveler from a distant land. He's here to help save us. Just like in your stories." {{champion:112}} "It would seem so. I'm Papercrafter Viktor. Nunu's father. Nice to meet you." {{champion:150}} "Your father is Viktor?" {{champion:112}} "Well, he's adopted. I found him alone when he was just a baby. I created this world so he would have endless exploration and limitless possibilities for his imagination." {{champion:150}} "Alright, I don't need your whole life story. I was told you had a way to get me back to Runterra?" {{champion:112}} "Ah yes, the Orb of Dreamers. One of the most amazing places in the Omniverse. Simply wear these shoes and think about your home and they will take you there." {{champion:150}} "Really?" {{champion:112}} "What, we love good stories here." {{champion:34}} _"Digs herself out of a pile of paper."_ **"I AM GOING TO KILL ALL YOU MEATBAGS!!!!"** {{champion:150}} "What's that, it sounds really mad." {{champion:34}} **"PAPER STORM!!!"** {{champion:150}} **"AHHHHH! WHY DO PAPER CUTS HURT SO MUCH!!!!"** {{champion:112}} "Anivia, please. I can fix all of this. Listen to reason!" {{champion:150}} **"STOP!"** "Throws Phonerang at Papercraft Anivia." {{champion:34}} "I don't feel so good." _"Falls apart into various pieces of paper. Leaving behind only an origami phoenix egg."_ {{champion:20}} "You, you killed her." {{champion:112}} "No, she's not dead. The Papercrafts cannot truly die as long as Paper world remains. Now that this is over. Here are the shoes. You can go home. I have work to do." {{champion:150}} "Finally." _"Puts the shoes on, closes eyes and thinks of home."_ _**"Whoosh!"**_
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