Champion Concepts: The Five Dragons

**QUICK SUMMARY:** There are five dragons that are pretty central to a story of mine, and I've been wondering lately, what would they look like as champions in a MOBA? So, as I tend to, I decided to wing (no pun intended) some concepts on the fly (... still no pun intended). All visual interpretations are quick and dirty, courtesy of a webgame called [Fight Rising]( I have no idea if these will take properly, so if they don't, expect a bit of fiddling until they do. Yeah, the thing lets you design dragons. Because why not. (Edit: It's ugly, but it seems to work now.) It'll be a lot of reading, but hey, maybe someone's bored enough to read it all. More likely I'll just get downvoted to oblivion, but that's fine too. Downvotes are still a win! #Volkar, the Destroyer King ##Summary Volkar is a dragon from lands beyond Valoran, dwelling atop a massive volcano that's come to be known as Volkar's Throne. The humans of that land once heralded him as a sort of "king", as it was said that to incur Volkar's wrath was to incur the destruction of your civilization. Indeed, Volkar's penchant for destruction is a thing of legend, but he enjoys a worthy challenge more than he enjoys merely wiping his foes out with fire. It is said his flames melted the mountains themselves to create the caldera which now supports the capital of the continent's mightiest nation. He united with the other _Ardnog_, the Five Great Dragons, to drive off an invading brood alongside the humans who feared him. He got involved after feeling slighted by the invading drake, seeing the invasion as a failure to respect Volkar's might. He sought to punish the invader's arrogance. Volkar is a top lane specialist with lots of health who thrives on actively engaging in fights. When he gets rolling, he can wipe a lane clean of minions with frightening speed. This is offset by his physical size and his lack of agility, making him a somewhat easy target for spells. If Volkar tries to run from a fight, he's taking a risk anyway, so the idea is that you may as well dive straight in and go to war. _"Sat atop his molten throne,_ _Echoed bellows reaching the Womb,_ _Volkar's roar ignites the spirit._ _Sons of fire, far from home,_ _From bloodied plain to royal tomb,_ _Raid with fury, as you can hear it."_ _\- A Calgtiri war poem_ ##Stats * High health. * Melee attacker. * Wants to build AP. * Low base movement speed. * High base armor, average base magic resist. * Uses mana. ##Passive: Conqueror's Scales Volkar starts with a shield equal to his health. While this shield is active, Volkar takes 50-70% (based on level) reduced damage from all sources. Once the shield has been stripped, it won't regenerate until he returns to base. ##Q: Jaw and Fang _15 Mana_ _10/8/6/4/2 sec cooldown_ Volkar's next basic attack chomps the foe, dealing (100% AP) bonus physical damage. In addition, the next attack to hit Volkar heals him for 30/40/50/60/70% of its pre-mitigation damage over the next 3 seconds. The heal effect can only trigger on one attack every 6 seconds. ##W: Molten Breath _60/55/40/45/30 Mana_ _20 sec cooldown_ Volkar breathes in a short line about 2/3 the width of a lane, dealing 120/160/190/210/230 (+50% AP) magic damage to enemies it hits, leaving magma in its wake for the next 8 seconds. Enemies who stand on the magma take a stack of Lavaburn every second, up to 8 stacks. Each stack applies a 2/8/12/20/40 true damage per second debuff and a flat 1/3/5/7/9 point reduction in armor for 3 seconds, refreshing each time a new stack is added. Additionally, enemy movement speed is reduced by 15% on the magma. If Volkar hits a bush with Molten Breath, it sets on fire for 12 seconds. Enemies who enter take 40/60/90/140 (+20% AP) magic damage per second. Lavaburn damage is doubled against minons. ##E: Red King's Challenge _150/140/130/120 Mana_ _18 sec cooldown_ Volkar leaps at a targeted enemy within a moderate radius and crashes down at their location, dealing 150/180/240/280/320 (+25% AD)(+15% AP) magic damage to the target and all enemies within a tiny radius, as well as knocking them airborne for 0.5 seconds. For the next 6 seconds, Volkar's attacks against the target deal physical damage equal to 50% of AP, instead of AD, if that value would be higher. Additionally, the target is affected by _Volkar's Challenge_ for 2/2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds. This debuff works as a taunt, forcing the target to attack Volkar, but also increases their attack speed by 25%. ##R: Volkar's Fury _280/240/220 Mana_ _220 sec cooldown_ Volkar charges for 2 seconds then flies into the air, becoming untargetable and marking a large circular area anywhere on the map. After 2 seconds, a fireball drops onto the location and Volkar into its center. Any enemies _directly_ under Volkar when he lands take 250/400/650 true damage and are knocked airborne for 2 seconds. For the next 10 seconds, the area is set alight. Enemies and structures who enter the area take 150/200/250 (+80% AP) magic damage per second. If Volkar hits a bush with Volkar's Fury, it sets on fire for 20 seconds. Enemies who enter take 40/60/90/140 (+20% AP) magic damage per second. Volkar's Fury does half damage to inhibitors and none to the nexus. ----- #Cueha, the Wyld Mother _"They say she came to maintain the balance. In as a whisper on the wind, and then she unleashed a hellish fury before leaving as quick as she came. They say she still roams the Wyld, waiting for something to come along and disturb the balance, and that's why we stay well away."_ _\- a drunken storyteller, in one of Granhilt's taverns_ ##Summary Cueha is the fair and just huntress who keeps the delicate ecosystem in a vast jungle, somewhere far beyond the shores of Valoran. She doesn't become bogged down by "us" or "them", but instead concerns herself with "it". The jungle she calls her domain is home to a vast array of creatures, varying in size from the tiniest insect to gargantuan behemoths. She holds dominion over them all, and they revere her as their patroness. She rules fairly, when she can, but if one species gets out of line, or overpopulated the Wyld, she takes matters into her own claws. She united with the other _Ardnog_, the Five Great Dragons, to drive off invaders who threatened the delicate ecosystem she had worked tirelessly for over a thousand years to maintain. Cueha is a jungler who specializes in clear and counterjungling. Or, as the case may be, counter-counterjungling. She's extremely difficult to outmaneuver in the jungle, but her ganks are no less impressive thanks to her high burst damage. ##Stats * Average health. * Melee attacker. * Wants to build AD. * High base movement speed. * Low base armor, high base magic resist. * Uses mana. ##Passive: Keeper of the Jungle Cueha can sense if an enemy champion is in the same jungle zone as she is, thanks to the soft sound of rustling leaves and combat playing through her audio feed. Additionally, if one of her buffs is taken, the offending champion becomes marked as a Poacher while the buff they stole remains active. Cueha has a visual cue pointing her towards a Poacher. She gains +30-100 movement speed (based on level) while moving towards them, and gains +20 Lethality against them. If Cueha kills a Poacher, the buff she gains lasts 30% longer and she gains a unique bounty worth 500 gold, stacking with any other bounties the Poacher might have. Additionally, while Cueha's team is behind on kills, she inflicts 10/12/14/16/18% more damage to champions. While her team is ahead, she inflicts 10/15/20/25/30% more damage to minions and monsters. While this bonus doesn't apply to Baron and Dragon, she does gain 10% increased damage against Dragons while the opposing team has more dragons. ##Q: Ripshank _30 Mana_ _12/11/10/9/8 sec cooldown_ Cueha leaps forward along the line of a short skillshot. If she touches a champion or monster, she carries them to the end of her dash and inflicts 90/125/180/220/260 (+80% AD) physical damage and bleeds them for 8 seconds. While bleeding, enemies leave a trail of blood in their wake (fading 3 seconds after bleeding stops). Bleeding inflicts 20/30/50/70/90 (+25% AD) physical damage per second to minions and monsters. ##W: To the Bone _100/90/80/70/60 Mana_ _20/19/18/17/16 sec cooldown_ For the next 4 seconds, Cueha's basic attacks have a 10/20/30/40/50% increased critical chance and inflict Grievous Wounds for 2 seconds. ##E: Hunter's Pace _65 Mana_ _30/27/24/21/18 sec cooldown_ Cueha builds up to a 20/30/40/50/60% movement speed increase over 5 seconds, after which the bonus lasts for 3 more seconds. During this time, she can recast at anytime to launch herself along the path of a skillshot, whose length increases substantially relative to her movement speed bonus. She can recast at anytime to stop herself. If she stops in close proximity to an enemy champion or monster, she grabs them in her jaws, stunning and pulling them along with her for 2 seconds. While the enemy is held, they will move with her even if she uses Ripshank or Wyld Queen's Flight. After releasing an enemy, they are Crippled for 2.5 seconds, reducing their movement and attack speed by 50%. The movement speed increase of Hunter's Pace ends early if Cueha is disabled, if she deals damage, or if she reaches the end of her recast path. ##R: Wyld Queen's Flight _160/150/130 Mana_ _190/175/150 sec cooldown_ Cueha immediately launches herself up and offscreen. She casts a sizable dragon's shadow as she moves around for the next 4 seconds, gaining 20/40/60% bonus movement speed and ignoring all terrain and collision. After this duration or upon recast, she will land at the center of the shadow, dealing 200/280/340 (+75% AD) physical damage to nearby enemies and launching them a considerable distance away from the impact. If Cueha is carrying a champion with Hunter's Pace, they will go up with her and take 200/280/340 (+120% AD) physical damage when she lands. Rather than being thrown, they'll be stunned for 4 seconds. ----- #Rakon, the Allhunter _"Our enemy today acts with pride in their hearts. A pride they did not earn! They come to us, to the doorstep of Tredain Legia, and attempt to impose their will! They speak of dignity, and justice, and decency... But we have good northern steel and hearts to match. Who are they to tell us how to live? Would any of YOU be fool enough to tell Rakon where to hunt?!"_ _\- Legionary General Kalrys the Elder, addressing his troops_ ##Summary Rakon is the wandering hunter, as mighty as he his swift. He prowled the entire continent, seeking his prey where he might. He hunts anything, anywhere, but without a doubt he prefers to target particularly large, powerful game. As though believing a hunt has no value if it's a simple matter, he singles out enemies worthy of his talons, and may fate shield you if you encroach on his hunt. He united with the other _Ardnog_, the Five Great Dragons, to drive off foes who deigned to spoil his hunting. He earned enough respect for Cueha during this time to refrain from hunting in the Wyld once the war as done. Rakon is a midlaner who's built to roam. He can either lock down mid and really claim his domain, or he can quickly gank lane to lane to take some heat off his jungler. He can also jungle himself, if he so desires. ##Stats * Average health. * Melee attacker. * Wants to build AD. * Good base movement speed. * Low base resistances. * Uses energy. ##Passive: Hunting Grounds _120 sec cooldown_ When Rakon kills an enemy champion in a given zone of the map, he marks that zone as his Hunting Grounds (as denoted by a distant roar and an onscreen warning when you enter the zone) for 5 minutes. While in his Hunting Grounds, Rakon gains a constant 25-40% boost to attack speed, based on level, and increases his bonus AD by 20%. Enemies who enter Rakon's Hunting Grounds have their movement speed reduced by 20% when moving towards Rakon and their armor reduced by 10-50 (based on level). While in his Hunting Grounds, Rakon will be awarded champion kills so long as he contributed at least 50% of the damage, even if he doesn't land the last hit. Zones are divided between toplane, midlane, botlane, top river, bot river, each of the four jungle zones, and the two base zones. Rakon must get the kill for Hunting Grounds to trigger; assists won't establish his Hunting Grounds. Rakon can establish 1-4 Hunting Grounds at a time, based on level. Establishing new Hunting Grounds will replace the earliest established Hunting Grounds. Getting a kill or assist in established Hunting Grounds will refresh the duration. (The cooldown is only required to established new Hunting Grounds, and isn't affected by these refreshes.) ##Q: Harrying Swoop _15 Energy_ _8/7/6/5/4 sec cooldown_ Rakon swoops along a ringlike skillshot, dealing 45/55/70/80/95 (+40% AD) physical damage to enemies in his path before returning to his original position. Enemy champions hit by the attack are stunned for 0.5 seconds. ##W: Lethal Fangs _40 Energy_ _18/16/14/12/10 sec cooldown_ Rakon's next basic attack deals additional damage equal to 1/2/3/4/5 (+1.5% AD)% of the target's missing health. If the enemy has more health than Rakon, the damage is based on maximum health instead. ##E: Liftoff _80 Energy_ _15 sec cooldown_ Rakon builds up to 10/20/30/40/50% bonus movement speed over the next 5 seconds. At max bonus, Rakon lifts off the ground. His movement speed bonus drops to half, but he is now untargetable and ignores collision. However, he can be spotted by enemies over terrain, and at up to 50% further than their normal vision radius (also applying to wards). On recast, Rakon swoops down along a skillshot of moderate length, dealing 80/105/125/150/180 (+75% AD) damage to enemies in his path and slowing them by 50% for 2 seconds. If Rakon is disabled while his movement is building, the entire skill immediately cancels. Cooldown begins when Rakon lands, or 5 seconds after casting if he never got to take off. ##R: Allhunter's Decree _100 Energy_ _280/250/220 sec cooldown_ **Passive:** Rakon gains vision over champions who enter his Hunting Grounds for 5 seconds. This can happen once every 5 seconds, but only when they cross over into the Hunting Grounds. **Active:** Rakon immediately triggers Hunting Grounds in the currently active zone, and refreshes the duration of existing zones. For the next 30 seconds, Rakon can surpass the normal limit for maximum Hunting Grounds established. Additionally, Rakon gains true sight in all his hunting grounds for 10 seconds. ----- #Ravous, the Dread Shadow _"Where Ravous' shadow is cast, death follows."_ _\- an old Calgtiri idiom referring to a situation of obvious and imminent failure, loss, or destruction_ ##Summary Ravous is a swift, proud drake who honed his acidic breath into a fine, needle-like projectile. Legend says he used to stalk the Amyrfald, practicing his aim on all manner of beasts and men alike while perched atop mountains and flying high above the fields. His name was synonymous with death, as he hunted as he pleased and rarely gave any forewarning of his presence. One moment his shadow was cast over you, and the next he was upon you. You could only hope against hope he was after your livestock. He united with the other _Ardnog_, the Five Great Dragons, to drive out rival dragons invading his hunting grounds. He eventually managed to drag his brother into the mess as well, as he didn't have much regard for the other dragons in the bestial alliance. Ravous is a unique ADC who makes use of true damage and bursts of high mobility to kite stronger enemies, and reliable burst damage to pounce on those who get too close. ##Stats * Low health. * Ranged attacker. * Wants to build AD. * Good base movement speed. * Low base resistances. * Uses mana. ##Passive: Acid Needle Ravous' basic attack damage doesn't scale with AD. However, they deal 10-160 true damage per hit, scaling with level. ##Q: Backdraft _50 Mana_ _9/8/7/6/5 sec cooldown_ Ravous flaps his wings and dashes a short distance backwards, blowing back enemies in a cone opposite his dash. The size of the cone increases substantially with rank. ##Q: Hunter's Needle (while Vantage Point is active) _6 Mana_ _cooldown based on attack speed_ Ravous targets a spot (with a very tiny area of effect) within his vision range to instantly fire a basic attack in that direction. These attacks hit like basic attacks, but true damage dealt is increased by (50% of bonus AD). ##W: Vantage Point _110 Mana_ _26/24/22/20/18 sec cooldown (3 sec cooldown after cast, before it can be deactivated)_ Ravous flies to gain elevation. In this state, he gains vision over a larger area and is capable of seeing past terrain within that vision radius. He can no longer move or basic attack in this position, but his Q becomes Hunter's Needle. While elevated, Ravous takes 25/20/15/10/5% more damage from all sources. Cooldown begins once Ravous returns to the ground. ##E: Killdive _80/70/60/50/40 Mana_ _12 sec cooldown_ Ravous targets a location within a small radius and swoops into the air for 0.5 seconds before landing at that spot. If Ravous lands on an enemy, that enemy takes 75/90/130/160/190 (+75% AD) damage and is stunned for 2.5 seconds. Killdive's radius is extended to match his vision radius while in Vantage Point. ##R: Grim Omen _150/130/100 Mana_ _60 sec cooldown_ **Passive:** Ravous inflicts bonus damage equal to his bonus AD to Feared enemies. **Active:** On the first cast, Ravous enters stealth indefinitely and ignores unit collision. This stealth cannot be penetrated by true sight or towers, but when he's nearby the distant beating of wings and soft, sinister growling can be heard by enemies. Ravous is unable to attack while in stealth. On recast, or by casting another ability, Ravous reappears and roars, inflicting Fear on nearby enemies for 1/2.5/4 seconds, forcing them to flee from him with 10% increased movement speed. If revealed using Vantage Point, all enemies Ravous can see suffer Fear. ----- #Maugrim, the Blackdweller _"They jut along the sky like a set of dragon's teeth, blackened by death. A pale fog hangs over them. When you traverse the Grasp, it seems ever pale and dreadful, no matter the weather. Like the pallor of the grave drapes over every peak. Just as well, for on the far side lies a twisted mire as apt to kill a man as is a spear."_ _\-"The Six Wonders of the North", speaking on the mountain range known as Maugrim's Grasp._ ##Summary Maugrim is a secretive, scheming drake who dwells in a poisonous bog and the mountains that surround it. He guards his territory jealously, warding out invaders with his acidic breath and his insidious traps. He's the least known to the humans of his continent, as he's the most elusive. Though suspicious of most other beings, particularly dragons, he is capable of trusting his brother. He united with the other _Ardnog_, the Five Great Dragons, to drive off an invading draconic threat. He stayed out of the fight until his brother Ravous, extolling the efficacy of his schemes, convinced him to join the fray. Maugrim is a support who specializes in shredding armor and luring opponents into traps. He utilizes tricks, mobility, and counteroffensives to trick overzealous AD carries into diving too deep. ##Stats * Low health. * Melee attacker. * Wants to build AP. * Average base movement speed. * Average base armor, average base magic resist. * Manaless. * Has a special resource, "Cunning", which empowers his abilities. It caps at 100. Using an ability generates 10 Cunning unless otherwise stated, and using an ability at 100 Cunning consumes Cunning for a special effect. ##Passive: Shroud of Tar _5 sec cooldown_ When Maugrim remains in a bush or the river for 5 seconds, he gains Shroud of Tar, doubling his magic resist and hiding his life bar from enemies, who instead see a solid blackened bar. Maugrim loses Shroud of Tar 3 seconds after taking damage from a champion. Shroud of Tar goes on cooldown after being lost. Basic attacks that hit Maugrim while Shroud of Tar is active, including while it's in its 3-second removal countdown, generate 5 Cunning. ##Q: Slither _8/7/6/5/4 sec cooldown_ _Generates 5 Cunning per Slither, 10 Cunning if an attack is dodged_ Maugrim dashes a short distance, ignoring unit collision. While dashing, Maugrim dodges basic attacks. If Maugrim Slithers over an enemy, their armor is reduced by 5% for 5 seconds, up to a total of 2/4/6/8 times. If Shroud of Tar is active, each dash leaves a streak of tar in Maugrim's wake for 5 seconds. Enemies who walk on this tar are slowed by 10/15/20/25/30%, stacking every second they remain on the tar, up to 100%. Enemies who reach 100% movement reduction are stuck and marked. Maugrim can basic attack marked enemies within a large radius to leap onto them, executing a basic attack with +(100% AP) bonus damage that stuns the target for 2 seconds and instantly reactivates Shroud of Tar. Enemies thus attacked, or who remain immobile for 3 seconds, can move again and are immune to the slowing effect of the tar for 10 seconds. **100 Cunning:** Slither no longer generates Cunning, but consumes 10 Cunning to clear Shroud of Tar's removal countdown, and Slither's own cooldown is reduced to 1.5 seconds. Each Slither will consume 5 extra Cunning. After 5 seconds of not Slithering, all Cunning is removed. ##W: Fever Venom _18/16/14/12/10 sec cooldown_ _Generates 10 Cunning, plus 2 per attack while active_ For the next 6 seconds, Maugrim's basic attacks inflict a stacking poison which 5/15/25/30/40 magic damage per second with each stack, plus an additional (10% AP). Poison can be stacked up to 4 times, and lasts for 4 seconds after the most recently applied stack. At 4 stacks, the target is inflicted with Fear for 3 seconds. Cooldown begins after the duration ends. **100 Cunning:** Consumes all Cunning and generates none. Each stack additionally reduces the target's bonus AD by (2/4/6/8/10%) for the duration of the poison. ##E: Bog Vortex _Generates 1 charge every 10/9/8/7/6 sec, up to 6 charges_ Maugrim places a small trap of bubbling swampwater that lasts for 1 minute. Enemies who step on the trap trigger a vortex that expands slowly for 4 seconds (the speed and maximum size increases with each rank), slowing enemies within by 80% and dealing 20/40/55/75/100 (+10% AP) damage every second. Only 10 Bog Vortexes may be placed at a time. The trap is invisible on in the river or when covered by tar. **100 Cunning:** Consumes all Cunning and generates none. The vortex placed lasts until triggered, triggers at its maximum radius. ##R: Feigned Weakness _60/45/30 sec cooldown after casting_ _Consumes 5 Cunning per cast_ Each cast appears, to enemies, to remove 10% of Maugrim's total health, up to 99%. If Maugrim's apparent health reaches 0, the true bar immediately shows itself and he instantly gains 100 Cunning and refreshes all non-ultimate cooldowns. (For Bog Votex, he generates 3 charges immediately.)
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