I Made Nami, Ornn, and Maokai into Starter Pokemon + Gnar and Skarner Pokemon

[Nami](https://imgur.com/JGiaO0h) [Ornn](https://imgur.com/paQ5ONK) [Maokai](https://imgur.com/lJ1ZL7L) - Inb4 Groot [Gnar](https://imgur.com/hTYj3cX) [Skarner](https://imgur.com/QbLKofH) - Inb4 Skorupi **Previously posted champions** [Anivia](https://imgur.com/EPs6nFZ) - Inb4 Articuno [Aatrox](https://imgur.com/FA7hnxQ) **Reason** So I’ve been pursuing a project/quest/challenge to in someway turn every champion in League into a Pokemon. I’ve been playing League since the beginning of Season 3, and it has become a MASSIVE part of my life. I also make Pokemon art as a hobby, but I mostly (until recently) have just done traditional fan art. Currently, I’m trying to get better at digital art and character design, and I figured that combining my two main hobbies were a great way to kill multiple birds with one stone. **Overall Design Context** My goal is to satisfy both the Pokemon/Fakemon and LoL community and with that comes a huge challenge to respect and honor the style, designs, and themes of both games. Along with this, I am making AT BARE MINIMUM making 280 Pokemon (averaging 2 per champion). That means even if I did a drawing a day it would take almost a year to complete the this project. I can probably knock out 4-5 champions a week, but even then it will still be a decent amount of time until the entire Runeterra Dex is complete. In order to finish this project in a timely manner I’m force to not spend an insane amount of effort/time into every design. I have to be efficient; which means not all of the little details will be added nor will the drawings be perfect and this is not taking into account that I’m a noob at art and digital art especially. Lastly, Pokemon have a very specific style and guidelines when it comes to making them. I am not perfect at this, but I try to honor it as best as I can, and it also means that not every nook and cranny of your favorite champ will be represented as well as some champions being BASED ON AN ANIMAL. I will try my best to represent every champion as best as I can and if anyone has any suggestions or input on what they would like to see let me know! :) **Notes on Each Champion** * **Nami** - probably favorite of all the champions I’ve done so far. I think I captured the essence of Nami and her color theme while also making her not look directly like the champion (comparing to someone like Maokai). She also breaks a water-type starter rule because she is non-amphibious. Yes Sunami is misspelled on purpose:) **Typing:** *Water - Water/Fairy - Water/Fairy* * **Ornn** - I really like how Ornn came out! He goes from being a devilish goat to a ram-like minotaur. He fits into a fire-type starter rule because he is based on a goat which is part of the chinese calendar(they are based of this). His hoof/hand is red because it represents his molten metal hand in the game which a lot of people don't notice. I felt like it was a good touch to add to make him feel even more like a fire-type. Bigorn is suppose to be a combo of Big Horn Sheep & Ornn (Yes I can always change it to have 2 N’s :)) **Typing:** *Fire - Fire/Steel - Fire/Steel* * **Maokai** - Maokai was fun to do and I really like how I was able to keep the way he looks for the most part just in Pokemon style! He goes from sapling to GROOT to Mao and I think it was a fun idea. He also breaks a grass-type starter rule which is basically they have to be based on a prehistoric animal but I really didn't wanna do that for him and take away his natural theme which could be implemented! His final form’s name is a mix of Treant & Treacherous :). **Typing:** *Grass - Grass - Grass/Ghost* **About Ivern** In a previous post I had Ivern as the grass starter instead of Maokai, and I had based him off of a Gastornis (prehistoric ostrich thing). Some people didn’t like the idea and some people did, but the deciding factor was me not really being satisfied nor being able to see a good future for evolutions with this concept. I had decided to scrap the idea and save him for later, say screw the standard rules, and make Maokai the grass starter since I had a solid idea that I wanted to go for. * **Gnar** - He pretty much looks like Gnar but in Pokemon style. I tried to keep him cute for the first form and cool for the second form. I incorporated his boulder toss by making one of his fists literally a rock. His name is Mini + Gnar and Mega + Gnar :) **Typing:** *Ground - Ground/Fighting* * **Skarner** - Skarner was nice to do even though I’m not super crazy for his first form (its kinda bland?), but the evolution is a concept I like, and it allowed me to stray from Skarner’s normal look. Basically first form is a baby Skarner and the second form is a Scorpion/Centaur I guess. **Typing:** *Rock/Bug - Rock/Bug* **Aatrox** - Not gonna talk about his design, but I will say that he will possibly see changes in the future with his upcoming rework. These changes may be only minor and he might receive an evolution, but we will see. **Vote which starter you would choose! :D** https://strawpoll.com/pygk9zwa **LEAVE SUGGESTIONS FOR CHAMPIONS YOU’RE WAITING TO SEE**
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