Medieval Twitch Being Re-Obtainable...

* So with the new honor system if I read correctly, if players hit level 5 honor they will receive rewards that can unlock them Medieval twitch and grey Warwick. With this being said, I being a twitch player, love the medieval skin and was really excited to have earned this skin when it was available. League of Legends got rid of the refer-a-friend system thus making these skins unobtainable forever (at least that's what I thought) making my favorite skin rare. with the new honor system implemented the skin will become less special to me because of its attainability now. I would like to see if this can get enough attention do to something special with these skins that show that we got them from the old refer-a-friend, and not through honor, like what they did when they made championship riven purchasable for the second time by giving the original holders of the skin a crown and original skin name. maybe give them a special boarder or give the new skins a different name like "Medieval Twitch 2017". Please let me know your guys' thoughts. Thanks for your time and consideration. - JHRZy
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