I created a new Champion, is it good?

Name: Mon Za'al "The Armored Minotaur" PASSIVE: Mon Za’al’s Wrath- 50% of his armor is dealt as true damage on his basic attacks. Additionally, Mon Za’al is easily angered by Marksmen. DO NOT basic attack him with a Marksman or his damage and movement speed will be tripled for 7 Seconds. [No Cooldown] [Q] Vicious Backhand- Mon Za’al’s next basic attack deals 90/110/130/150/170 (+230% Attack Damage) and gives him 15% life steal. If he kills a minion with Vicious Backhand, he gains 5% Tenacity (75% Cap), 50 Health (Stacks infinitely), 5 Armor (Stacks Infinitely) [6/5/4/3/2/1 Second Cooldown][20 Mana] [W] Tactical Prowess- Mon Za’al dashes to a target, grabs them and jumps to the location of his cursor and Taunts them for 1.5 Seconds and dealing 80/160/320/640/1280 (+150% Magic Damage and healing him for 10% of the damage dealt. [5 Second Cooldown][70 Mana] [E] Ground Stomp- Mon Za’al Stomps the ground and knocking up and stunning all hit targets in a 500 range AOE for 1.75 seconds. [10/9/8/7/6 Second Cooldown][40 Mana] [R] Extreme Anger- If Mon Za’al is not attacked within 10 seconds he becomes angry and a angry face icon appears above his head. If the summoner activates this spell, Mon Za’al can no longer be controlled. He gains 80% Movement speed and he automatically runs towards the nearest target and attacks them dealing 120/240/480 True damage on each auto attack. For 10 seconds, he is immune to crowd controll. [150/120/90 Second Cooldown]

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