Best. Skin Idea. Ever. (Probably)

Okay!! A couple of CoWorkers and I had the idea of Sonic based skins, the drive-in not the games. For example, ya know how carhops come to you with trays for your food? They have these little holes for Ice Cream cones on each side. I brought up the idea that it'd be humorous to see Draven in the dorky uniform, with the polo and the slacks, twirling two of them rather than his axes! Then one of my CoWorkers brought up that Sona could use what we call the courtesy tray rather than her long instrument, it's curvy and kind of half-moon shaped so we thought to put her in the same uniform with that in place of her board. Also, the same CoWorker plays a lot of Hecarim, so we came up with the idea that he could wear the polo and wear skates. He also could use a tray on a pole as his halberd. I have more ideas if this is alright.
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