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Hey all long time lurker (have had like two posts here before so not really I guess?) I've been thinking of this a little on and off and it started from an April fool's joke by riot on the Garena server iirc and that was a game mode which allowed you to pick your own spells to create your own custom champ. Needless to say that never happened but I'm personally wondering what kind of Mish mash would create the most broken kit. Rules are as follows: 1. Any spell or passive from any currently existing champion can be chosen 2. Any spell/passive has to be in the same spell key (i.e ultimate ability can only be put on ultimate/R slot) 3. The passive ability defines the champion (i.e base stats/range/Ms etc. Think that's the character you'll be moving around and slinging your spells with) 4. Ratios stay the same and won't be adaptive As I'm an ACC main (this is a Smurf account) I've been thinking Passive: lucians double shot Q: Ezreal mystic shot W: vayne silver bolts E: Lucian relentless pursuit R: Varus R Honestly this concept is probably pretty cancer to play against though it'll have low range and relatively weak mid game. Probably high skull retirement since there is a lot of micro and hope you don't accidentally hit your q on another target. This really makes your appreciate that the kits (at least the modern champs) are quite cohesive and it's difficult to just mix and match. What are all of your OP broken monstrosities?

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